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January 2018 Kids Workshop


Saturday, January 6, was the kick off to the 2018 Home Depot’s monthly Kids Workshop series. Despite the arctic subzero weather in Boston, children, parents and grandparents paraded into the West Roxbury, Home Depot  Kids Workshop to start the New Year in a productive way.

We had many first timers at the Kids Workshop this month; one parent told me “I have marked the first Saturday of each month on my new calendar, to make sure I will not forget these workshops, we all love them”!

Once the layers of outer clothing were removed and the ice and snow was stomped off their boots, the kids got right down to the business of building a “Block Calendar”. Socializing, cooperation and sharing are also skills that are built at the workshop; the children also learn to follow directions and become familiar with some hand tools and one of the greatest lesson learned every workshop when it comes to glue is that “a little dab will do ya”!

The block calendar was an easy build and had many stickers, everyone was so happy about the stickers; it did not take long at all to complete the calendar. The biggest effort was just getting to The Home Depot. School in Boston and surrounding towns had been cancelled at the weeks end due to the Nor’easter we survived. The temperatures were in the negative numbers and with the wind chill, it was record breaking…..Regardless of all of the true negatives, cars were warmed, boots were strapped on, scarfs were wrapped, hats were pulled down over tiny ears and gloves and mittens were tucked under sleeves to ensure they would stay on, and then the dedicated, little, builders and their accompanying adults came to the Kids Workshop with enthusiasm, and smiles, the energy was amazing!

What a way to start the New Year, I worked the entire workshop with John, the workshop captain, setting up workstations, handing out certificates, and pins once the project was finished.

My thought for the day was; just how great the kids worked together, sharing, making room for one another, respecting each other’s space, complimenting each other and just getting the project done with a positive attitude….We are in good hands with this generation, the tiny builders that defy the elements, who build great relationships, respect one another, and build block calendars on the coldest of the cold days this first Saturday of 2018, and kudos to the big people who escorted them, for really stepping out of their "comfort zone" to get the kids to the workshop. 

Some tiny builders did it all while wearing tu-tu’s and snow boots under their millions of layers, hooray for them!

Build greatness….. the first Saturday of every month at your local Home Depot Kids Workshop!



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