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Judging on the basis of the appearance

during this time of the hot chick where everyone is helping everyone out do they add 1750 hours when I came to the home Depot Howe avenue in Sacramento I was refused the services I could not buy the batteries because I'm at homeless guy who was trying to buy batteries to stay out of the dark at night but the manager of the home Depot didn't let me go in and it's not the first time he eats table made it looks like new rules time he's stopping me just on the basis because I'm a homeless guy not only with me numerous people like their food fully this stopping them to buy anyting and blaming that there stealing every time they come why why did show the power they got they trying to be like more aggressive all the Tim's know you can shop here you can't judge a person by their appearance if the someone has it back back it doesn't mean that the person is a homeless I wanted to buy the batteries I had only 10 minutes in which I can buy the batteries but rather than the letting me inside the home Depot manager of the home Depot refuse me the service is and look down on me the question I have is is a manager have the right to refuse the service on the basis of that.
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Posted 2020-03-21T01:20:03+0000  by Jazr Jazr

Hey Jazr,

Thanks for your question and welcome to the community. 

Posted 2020-03-25T16:59:08+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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