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Kitchen cabinet measuring

How to measure the width of a Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet?

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Posted 2014-02-01T21:39:13+0000  by kimbo32 kimbo32

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Measuring for a lazy susan cabinet is fairly simple.

25.75 in. x 4.75 in. x 20 in. Full Round Lazy Susan Cabinet Organizer


No matter if yours will be a wall or base corner cabinet, it pretty much measures all the same.


First, measure the cabinet's inside depth in inches (or millimeters if you wish:smileyvery-happy:) from the back of the wall to inside the door frame.


Next, you are going to measure the inside width of the cabinet. Do this at least twice so you can get an accurate measurement. Take out 2-4 inches from the smaller of those measurements (back wall and widths) for clearance around the edges.


The number you should get is the final diameter size of the largest size lazy susan that will fit in that corner space.


Typically,  Lazy Susans are manufactured and sold in diameters of even number of inches.


So, after finding your proper measurement, be sure to get the right one for you. That's all there is to it!


Let me know if you have any further questions.



Posted 2014-02-01T23:28:35+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

On the cabinet measurements, sorry I didn't explain what I needed to find out.  I need to know how the cabinets with the lazy susan already in them how do I measure to get the width measurements. I'm gonna have to buy new cabinets & I want the get a corner lazy susan base cabinet & I need to know how to get the right measurements so I know the right cabinets to get for my space. Again sorry about not explaining myself correctly before.

Posted 2014-02-02T04:11:28+0000  by kimbo32

If you're going to replace all the cabinets, then you don't need the dimensions of the corner cabinet right now.  Basically you need to overall dimensions of your existing cabinets, measured from the wall.  You should also note the locations of any appliances and sink unless you plan on moving something.


Once you have the overall dimensions, you pick the corner cabinet dimensions that work with the space.  I haven't looked but it wouldn't surprise me if Home Depot had some kind of worksheet to help you measure.  Then stop by your local store and have an associate help you order you cabinets.

Posted 2014-02-02T13:51:18+0000  by Adam444

unless custom, the cabinets come standard  in 2 sizes: base lazy susan 33 = 33" on adjacent walls or bls36 = 36" on adjacent walls. that's your measurement.

Posted 2014-02-02T15:48:49+0000  by azdreamcatcher
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