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LG home depot customer support center

I'm suffering with home depot LG electronics customer support center and don't know how to escalate this.
I Ordered an LG washer and drier online on the 31st of august. The delivery date for the washer was October 3rd and I did receive the washer.
For the drier it was November 3rd and right before the date I received a notification that it's postponed to December 26th (53 days delay).
I called customer service 3 times and each time the call ended with a promise that I'll receive a call from a supervisor within 48 hours and I never did.
The only solution provided is to cancel the order which is not an answer for me as I've already used the matching washer.
Whom can I complain to In order to solve this or at least get a temporary drier?
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Posted 2020-11-16T18:10:21+0000  by AlexKh AlexKh
Hi AlexKh,

I am sorry to hear of your dryer delivery issues. The problem is with product availability. Due to the pandemic, production was stopped on all appliances for three months, however retail sales continued. This resulted in the entire US inventory of appliance products being depleted. Your original delivery date was based on availablity estimates from LG based on production planning and shipments. LG products come from South Korea, or China. After the product is produced it take 50 days for the product to reach the US. Due to parts availability issues, production has been sporadic and some ETA's have been changed.

I am sorry our customer service department has not reached out to you, as you can imagine we have been completely overwhelmed with calls from customers, the pandemic and the requirement to social distance has resulted in reduced staffing. We do not have any control over LG production or delivery decisions and cannot do anything about product availability.

If you cancel your order and go to another retailer the issue will be the same as there is no inventory in the entire US. We do not have loaner machines as every available machine has been sold to customers in need. Some have even accepted damaged units just to get one.

At this stage we can only hope LG is able to deliver your new dryer on the Dec 26th date, but we have no assurances. Once again I am sorry for the delay, but it is out of our hands.

Posted 2020-11-16T19:15:14+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
Hi Mike

Thanks for getting back to me.
This might not be home depot's fault, but they are the one who sold me the appliance.
Would you please advise how to stay 2 months in winter in MA without a drier with a 6 months old baby?
If this was clear when I was ordering the appliance I would have the option to choose another one that's available in stock, but just tricking me into buying it and then hoping that it would be delivered is not acceptable from an entity with the size of Home depot.
Posted 2020-11-17T13:10:57+0000  by AlexKh
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