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Laminate floor underlayment

I am replacing carpeting over a wood subfloor with laminate flooring. Can I use the existing carpet pad as underlayment?  I'm trying to improve the noise reduction.

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Posted 2011-04-12T02:10:06+0000  by bigbil8 bigbil8

No you cannot use your existing carpet pad. Your carpet pad is too thick and will create too much flex in the floor when walking on it which will cause the planks to "unclick" or come apart. Also the manufacturer requires that an underlayment foam specificly designed for laminate flooring be used in order to maintain the warranty. The underlayment is not only a moisyure barrier it is also designed to reduce the "hollow" sound you get sometimes when walking on a floating floor system. I hope this helps. Good luck with your project .  

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Posted 2011-04-12T02:56:03+0000  by bmrsmac

Your help was Right On Bmrsmac!


BigBil8, you should consider alternatives for noise reduction, like additional insulation in available spaces above and below this space, as well as in the walls surrounding the space.


I recently used Owens new blown-in insulation and it not only saved on my heating bill, but added noise reduction as well. Check with your Building Materials Associate at the Store to see several options.


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Posted 2011-04-12T11:47:58+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

TY saved me alot of wasted time and headaches

Posted 2011-04-12T14:31:22+0000  by bigbil8

I purchased the moisture barrier to go under my flooring.  How do I install it



Posted 2012-01-22T14:39:25+0000  by 40
How do I install the moisture barrier pad for my laminate flooring?
Posted 2012-01-22T14:42:32+0000  by 40

Hi there 40,


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Installing your padding or moisture barrier is a relatively painless process, so worry not!


I've actually helped another user through this previously, so refer to the topic laminate flooring to see my response to that user.


Since you mentioned that you are working with a moisture barrier pad, I'll assume that you've purchased Roberts Harmony Premium 3-in-1 Underlayment. This padding comes with side seams that you simply overlap as you go, and that's all there is to it. = )


I hope this helps you out with your laminate project! Let us know if you need any further help though = )

Posted 2012-01-26T16:12:22+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
Condo assoc requiring carpet on second floor, currently have laminate. Do not want carpet but need noise reduction, like carpeting does, to satisfy condo assoc. what works best under laminate, not sure of subfloor. Thanks.
Posted 2012-03-07T13:54:11+0000  by Amy1f1
Thanks for the response, but not sure we can do the insulation at this point. I was looking for an underlayment to engineered floor installation on2nd floor.
Posted 2012-03-08T15:28:09+0000  by Amy1f1

Hey there Amy1f1,


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Actually the padding that I mentioned in the post above, Roberts Harmony Premium 3-in-1 Underlayment, is one of the best things I can recommend to you. Not only is it a superior pad as far as density and cushion, but it also comes with great sound-detonation ratings.


What your association, like many others, is probably looking for are certain sound proofing numbers. These numbers are IIC and STC ratings. These stand for Impact Insulation Class and Sound Transmission Class respectively, and are standard measurements used in the industry to test sound dispersion ratings.


This particular padding has an IIC rating of 68 and an STC rating of 67.


Aside from this, you may need to purchase a cork underlayment, which is usually the only thing that you can find with a higher dispersal rating, although the Harmony comes quite close to it. Not all of our stores carry cork underlayment in-stock, but you can check with your local store to see if they can special order it for you.


Hope this helps you out!~ Let me know if you get any other questions =)


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Posted 2012-03-08T17:46:58+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

I just used the grey cloth/fiber (Not the blue plastic) underlayment on a floor I put in 6 years ago.  It has been fine.  Just remember that more padding/underlayment does not = better.  If you use too much, or use underlayment with flooring that has it built in, it can shift.  A moving floor is bad.  Only use one layer or built into the laminate, not both.


Posted 2012-03-09T02:11:02+0000  by WTF
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