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Laminate over vinyl flooring

I need to replace some sub floor due to water damage. I am planning on replacing the flooring with laminate. The floor already has vinyl peel and stick tile that was installed about 15 years ago. There are chips, bumps and tile missing in areas. Do I need to pull up the tile before I lay the laminate, or can I just install it over the tile?
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Posted 2019-01-04T23:10:37+0000  by jkloben jkloben
Generally you can go over vinyl flooring assuming it's in good conditions.  You might be better served by just removing the old stuff but the manufacturer of the laminate you want to use should spell out their requirements for flatness, voids, etc. in their installation manual.
Posted 2019-01-05T23:17:13+0000  by Adam444
Hi jkloben,

Since the old floor is in rough shape with missing pieces, chips and bumps, the only option is to remove it. All new flooring requires a solid stable and level surface for the product last and look good. In addition no flooring manufacturer is going to warrant new flooring installed over a poor and unstable base. Do yourself a favor, remove the old flooring and do the job right the first time, you'll be glade you did.

Posted 2019-01-07T22:59:38+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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