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Lg direct drive washer tub filling up

Washing machine filling up when it's not in use. Water valve? Hook up valve?

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Posted 2018-03-20T01:28:46+0000  by Rhicks456 Rhicks456

We ran the washer. It shut off as normal. Went to the utility room the next morning & water had overflowed & was in the floor.
So we ran it again the next day & watched it & water came up very high in it, but It finished washing & shut off. Then water started tricking down on the inside of the tub. With the washer off. We turned the water off to the washer to keep it from filling up & overflowing.
How can we fix this?

Posted 2018-03-20T01:36:57+0000  by Rhicks456
Hello Rhicks456.  Welcome to the Community!

The most likely culprit to cause this problem is a failed water inlet valve.  Home Depot has an appliance parts website which also includes repair videos and symptom diagnosis features.  You can find it here:

Appliance Repair


Posted 2018-03-20T14:21:09+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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