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Looking to fix up the patio, I went online on June 13th and found a Patio Set, I checked availability, it said would be delivered between June 20th and July 7th.  I was concerned would not have it for July 4th. I called and talked to someone there at the online customer service, explained the dates it showed available, was assured would be plenty of time for it to come in and be delivered before July 4th. 

Monday, June 15th I received a call from the delivery service telling me they could not deliver until July 9th (Which is way after the day I needed it AND after the day it said on the website.


I called the online customer service, said I need to cancel the order, and was told, I cannot cancel it, I need to have it delivered and then send it back.   I said that it was ludicrous to put the money out for shipping and delivery when I did not want the item, it would not be here on time. She advised me to go to a store and find locally.    


Biggest mistake I ever made, walking into the PIN OAK store on June 16.. I spent 45 minutes trying to get help with patio dining sets, I decided to buy the original patio set I had ordered since it was now on sale for $399.00 assembly included.  I walked up the register to check out and everyone, management included just watched the checker struggle.  We went over it 5 times at least, I was buying for an 80 year old lady, it needed to be assembled and put in the back yard, no need to go inside the house at all. I was told would not be a problem since they were not bringing inside, and during this entire nightmare. … NO one helped or offered to, the manager just stood there staring. Finally after 30 minutes of me repeating, and the teller struggling and trying to check out me out with no success, a gentleman by the name of Dee came over and then the previous checker just walked off… 


I reiterated to him gift 80 year old lady, deliver to back yard. He gave me the contract for delivery, it said I would be called 30 minutes before delivery..


Saturday, June, 20. She stayed home all morning, didn’t not get out for daily walk, or anything else, she was afraid she would miss the delivery. 


I had appointments until 3pm, and she kept calling me asking, when is it coming..   IMAGINE my huge and extremely disappointing shock when I drive up at 3pm in the POURING rain and the table and chairs is sitting out in the front on the driveway for anyone to steal, with all my personal information on a copy of the invoice sitting on the table.  Now this was after being promised would be called 30 minutes before delivery.


When I go online to see what time they delivered, I see they forged a signature for the receipt of the delivery..


Talked to Kevin the Manager at Missouri City store and he refused to take any responsibility and just told me to call the other store and gave me the phone number for Home Depot HR number for any complaints. 


Meanwhile, I am EXTREMELY UPSET that someone would forge my signature on paperwork, saying that I received something I didn't. I called the Pin Oak store which is where it was purchased. I explained when I BOUGHT IT, that it needed to be delivered assembled and put in the backyard as it was being purchased for an 80 year old lady. I talked to a gentleman named Jeff at Pin Oak and he claimed to be the manager. He handed the phone over to a checker by the name of Dee. Meanwhile the brand new furniture is sitting out front where ANYONE driving by can take it, it is not even in view of the house if you are sitting inside. 


June 20, I sent an email to 3 executives, that I found their email on the internet, and get a call from Lola Aloa June 22 in the Executive Escalations, I explained everything to her and advised that I had to hire someone to come move the patio set to the backyard so it would not be stolen over the weekend and that costs me an additional $100. She promised to issue the credit for the Patio set and then $100 credit for the cost of moving it.




Since that day, the delivery service has now tried to drop off the same table and chairs two different times and leave it at the front door.  Luckily, they have been caught in time, before they could leave it without telling us again, and told to take it back we already have the delivery.

Sent another email to Lola on July 9th. No communication since and no credits issued.

Now, I look on my Home Depot account not only is there no credit, no discount, I am charged for two of the dining rooms at full price when I bought the second one at a discounted price in the store and there is a charge for $172, that I have no idea what it is for. I have tried leaving messages and emailing Lola but have received no response. 


I have tried reaching every phone number I can find for Escalations and Customer care an NO ONE has called me back.


Now, I am showing that I am behind on payments on a card, that I should have a $100 credit on. I sent an email to Home Depot credit and received a reply back with NOTHING on it. Just telling me to where to view the receipt, which I did, and which actually shows “to be delivered”.. 


Looking for any help I can get on resolving this matter.

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Posted 2020-07-29T19:45:33+0000  by wendyinhouston wendyinhouston
Hi Wendyinhouston,

I am forwarding your post to our Customer Care Division for review. They will contact you soon.

Posted 2020-07-30T18:54:28+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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