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Looking for ideas plants and placement

I'm buying a Cleveland select for SW corner a Japanese maple close up by the front door and a Japanese weeping cherry,  not sure where its that's going but, I looking for A few suggestions  for  other plants especially along side the garage 4 Ft x 24 Ft area.  In the middle there is a bay window 4Ft above the ground any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Posted 2011-05-19T04:39:15+0000  by kster89 kster89

Hey kster89.


I have designed a few landscapes in my day and there are common mistakes people make with the placement of certain trees. A tree like the Cleveland Select Pear, although stronger than a Bradford pear, will get wide and develop a root system that will over time prevent grass from growing inside the drip line. Do not make this a specimen tree planted freely directly in front of the house, for you will eventually have to put an island under it, increasing its size year after year. I would recommend planting the Cleveland Select deep in an island towards the side or back of the yard. They do grow fast and are good with providing privacy from close neighbors.


I like to put Weeping Cherries somewhere near a walking area but not too close to any windows as to block a line of sight.


I would recommend, if you are going to put a Japanese maple near the front door that you get the Lace Leaf Dissectum Japanese Maple. This tree will stay smaller and makes a great specimen tree when walking up to front door. I would get a regular Japanese maple for the front corner of the house or you could put your Weeping Cherry there.


You have a south facing house which is ideal when doing a landscape. It gets drenched with sunlight and will allow just about anything you plant to thrive.


The plants that I put in your design stay short and require low maintenance. Some other plants that I like include Goldmound Spirea, Gardenia August Beauty and Radicans, Knockout Roses, Indian Hawthorne, Anthony Waterer Spirea, Firepower Nandina and Japanese Anise.


One last thing. When doing a landscape it is good to do mass plantings, plant in odd numbers and use repetition in your landscape. If you put Stella D'oro daylilies in one area then put them somewhere else in your landscape.


Thank you for being a part of the community. If you need anything feel free to hit me up anytime.landscape design.JPG

Posted 2011-05-19T13:08:44+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Could you give me a couple more plants that would be good instead instead of the aborvitae. 



                                                           Thank you

Posted 2011-05-19T14:35:22+0000  by kster89

Hey again.


Try Sky Pencil Holly or Dwarf Alberta Spruce. Let me brain storm for some more.

Posted 2011-05-19T14:37:53+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Where do you live?

Posted 2011-05-19T14:38:32+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

How about a Yueltide Camellia?


Posted 2011-05-19T14:48:11+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

thanks for your suggestions I live in the Chicagoland area.


Posted 2011-05-19T16:11:00+0000  by kster89

Are the plants you mention good to grow in zone 5 , just making sure?

Posted 2011-05-20T01:00:36+0000  by kster89

I recently moved into a home that has 1 large tree and grass in the backyard. There is no shrubs, flowers.. anything! Because of the neighbors trees there is lots of shady spots with little sun, primarily in the afternoons. I live in zone 9. Any help regarding the flowerbeds that is up against the house and in the 2 corners of the fence line would be so appreciated.  Thank you.

Posted 2011-05-27T05:40:19+0000  by sweetsue

Hey sweetsue.


Here is something I thought would look good in the corners of the fence. They will all do good in the shade in your zone 9. I figured we could start off tall in the back and work our way down. It does not always take flowers to steal the show. Some plants foliage is so impressive that it will look amazing even when not blooming. The Black Elephant ears are an incredible plant when put as a back drop for a flower bed. Hosta comes in beautiful blues, golds and variegated colors and many shapes and sizes, many of which would go great in the middle of this bed. Heuchera is a beautiful plant that also comes in many different colors as well.


Shade Loving Plants

I want you to go to Google images and Google Hosta and Heuchera. I will leave you a list of some other shade loving plants that will do great in your area.


For the back of the bed you could also use Cast Iron plant, Log Ferns, or Japanese Skimmia


For the middle of the bed you could also use Astilbe, Coleus, or Caladiums


For the front of the beds you could use gold Heuchera



elephant ears.jpgBlack Elephant Ears

hosta2.jpghosta4.jpgHosta and Gold Hosta

hosta heuchera.jpgheuchera.jpgHeucheras

Aspidistra elatior, Cast Iron Plant.jpgCast Iron plant

log fern.jpgLog Fern





Posted 2011-05-29T15:06:37+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Hey kster89.


So sorry for the delay. The Camellia is zone 6 and Loropetalum is zone 7 but all the rest are hardy for your zone.

Posted 2011-05-29T18:05:55+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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