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Customer Care

Lost Phone Connection Yesterday While Speaking With Customer Care

First of all, this is NOT a complaint of any kind, I was speaking with a member of customer care yesterday (Tina) who was doing her best to provide me with help I needed about my 'supposedly' delayed shipment online order. The last thing that she did while I was on the phone was politely informed me that she needed to place me on a brief hold while she contacted UPS about my delayed order shipment. She had been doing a wonderful job of trying to provide me with the most current information, like I told her that by using the tracking # that had been provided to me, the results stated that supposedly my shipment was in a city in georgia , and said that for some unknown reason my shipment had been delayed. I placed my online order on 05/23/2020, I received a confirmation email message that my order had been received. A few day's later I received another email that my order had been shipped and was on it's way. The 'estimated' delivery date was 06/08/2020. So far I haven't heard anything else about my shipment. I realize that due to the virus pandemic that certain item's have been delayed in shipping, but I surely didn't think that my order of (4) 24x24x1 arm & hammer air filter's would have been affected. I told the c.s. agent (Tina) that I really felt like UPS has lost my shipment. Up until now , home depot has always given me good service. Hopefully in the near future I'll receive some good news about my missing order.
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Posted 2020-06-11T19:16:32+0000  by DavyP49 DavyP49
Hi DavyP49,

You are correct the Covid-19 pandemic has created havoc with all commerce. To try and avoid the virus many people are ordering items on line instead of visiting their local store or mall. This has overloaded an already very busy delivery system. UPS and Fedex are swamped with deliveries. In addition shipments of medical supplies and equipment are given priority resulting in further delays of regular everyday orders. Please be patient, your order will arrive. If you would like, call Customer Care again and they will follow up on the order for you.

Thanks for Shopping The Home Depot.

Posted 2020-06-11T20:51:33+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
Hi Mike,
Being perfectly honest with you (because that's the only way I know how to be), I retired from working @ lowe's home improvement on 12/2018, after working for them 13 year's. My how thing's have changed in that retail segment..I might add that my wife & I have ALWAYS preferred the home depot over lowe's. To further elaborate the reason why, better selection..price..etc., at least for me I've ALWAYS had great success when I placed an order via the home depot. I don't know if you actually for the company or not, but as you stated in your reply, since the virus pandemic hit everything has DRASTICALLY changed in our everyday lives. I never even dreamed that one of my most recent order's (order # W860478804 dated 05/23/2020 ) would have been affected by the pandemic, it was just for a 4pack of 24x24x1 Arm & Hammer air filter's, like I told the customer service agent that day (Tina), of course I'm not positive but I really feel like ups has possibly lost/misplaced my order. By the way, since I came from working @ lowe's, I informed her that I truly know what GREAT customer service is, as I was classified as a 'specialist' all of the time I worked for them, I informed her that she was providing me with EXCELLENT customer service !! The very first thing she did when I got connected to an agent after holding for close to an hour, was apologized for my wait time. She also did her very best to put me at ease and told me that she was going to do her very best & utilize all of her option's to handle my issue !! As I previously stated, the last time I was politely put on hold, she told me she was going to be contacting ups and see what she could find out for me about my order, that's when somehow we got cut off..of course it might of been due to a mistake I made ! She must have succeeded in contacted someone there, because since that day I have in fact received a email message from someone @ ups. Of course since I still need the product that I ordered, I'm REALLY hoping that someday I'll actually receive my order. just for your reference I'm enclosing my order information. Before I forget (I'm 71 year's young) and my memory has changed quite a bit as well as my overall health..THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR AT LEAST REPLING to my post here in the community, which by the way I discovered by accident. Here's my order information:  ( Store SKU # 1000799247 / Internet # 202823277 / Tracking # 1ZRX95040379483046 .
Posted 2020-06-13T11:30:18+0000  by DavyP49
Just a few second's ago I decided to check on the current status of my order, and to my surprise it's now showing that the status of my order as 'Returned', I for one know that all retail can sometimes be overwhelming to say the least, but now I'm thinking that I may in fact never see my filter's, to be honest the only reason that I ordered them on the day that I did was due to them being offered as a one day only sale event. If I were to consider buying them again it would be @ the normal price. Since I retired, I really have to watch more closely what I purchase and it's cost. I'm enclosing a page 'link' as to what I saw as far as my current order status..hopefully I'm NOT ruining anybody's day.
Posted 2020-06-13T11:41:43+0000  by DavyP49
Well I'm disappointed to say the least, I really was hoping that someone would be able to provide me with some additional information concerning my order. I guess that this community isn't what I thought it was. 
Posted 2020-06-14T11:05:59+0000  by DavyP49
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