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Lukewarm Shower, Very Hot in the tub

I am having an extremely difficult time figuring out why the same diverted water would be a completely different,cooler temperature.

The temperature control is a single lever, with the diverter activated by a pull up plunger on the faucet.

My water heater is brand new and I get hot water everywhere, including the tub,but not from the shower; only lukewarm.

I removed the lever handle and the anti scald device is already set to max, so it isn't that.

When the water is diverted to the shower, none comes out the faucet, so all the water is being diverted to the shower.

I don't think it would be the mixing valve because isnt the water mixed before going to the faucet or diverted to the shower?  How could the exact same mixed water be a completely different temp just by being diverted a few feet?  Sometimes the water coming from the shower wont even stay lukewarm.  It gets cold even with the balance control all the way to the max.  If push the plunger down and divert to the tub, its immediately hot again.

Please help.
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Posted 2020-05-18T19:55:37+0000  by adamp1916 adamp1916

Hi adamp1916,


 The issue is the pressure balancing device behind the shower valve control, you indicated sometimes the water from the shower head varies in temperature, that is sign of a bad pressure balance device. This anti scald device works off water pressure, when the water is directed to the tub the water is too hot and to the shower head too cold.


The diverter changes the pressure the valve is receiving and affecting the temperatures. I would replace the pressure balance device and your problem should be solved. In most shower valves this device is behind the control.


Try to get a factory original part if possible, they always seem to work better than aftermarket parts.


Posted 2020-05-22T02:01:42+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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