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Mailbox Garden

The time to plant is coming!! If you are looking for ways to spruce up your front yard you might want to think about doing a mailbox garden. Just think when you pull up to someone’s house what’s the first thing you see? Their mailboxes so why not make it as eye catching as possible.



Here are some easy steps to make a beautiful mailbox garden


Prep the site: Do this by digging up the existing turf around the mailbox to the width you want your garden.  You want to break up the existing soil to make it ready for your plants. You can till the turf you removed into the soil or place it grass side down for some natural compost.

prepping bed.jpg



Plant the bed: You want to start by placing the tallest plants in the center right next to the mailbox. Then surround that with smaller plants that have different colors and textures. Make sure you leave enough space in between the plants to allow growth; you can find that information on the plant tags that come in your plants.

Mailboxgarden 1.jpgmailbox garden 2.jpgMailbox garden 3.jpgMailbox garden 5.jpgmailbox garden4.jpgmailbox garden 6.jpg


Edge the bed: After you are finished planting you want to make sure to add a layer of garden soil to promote root growth. If you want to add protection to your garden bed from weeds then you can add an edger such as crushed stone or colored mulch. It will also add some contrast to your garden.    

Garden soil.jpgMulch.jpgstone chips.jpg                                                       

Feed your bed: You want to make sure to use a fertilizer to feed your plants.

Feed 1.jpgfeed 2.jpgfeed 3.jpg


Enjoy your finished product: Have a beautiful mailbox garden that everyone will love.

mailbox garden.jpg


There you go some easy steps to creating a beautiful mailbox garden. These cards can be found at your local home depot store along with some other easy to do projects.

info card.png



Happy planting


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Posted 2012-03-19T20:36:18+0000  by BostonianChick BostonianChick

The mail box garden looks great.    I would like ot know where to pruchase the mailbox post and the metal mailbox.   I looked at HD online and could not find it.    These 2 items are what really make the garden rock.   Let me know.



Posted 2012-04-09T20:54:35+0000  by Hannah27

If you have a mail box where the USPS drives up next to it make sure you check the proper specifications as to how far from the street and the proper height for the mailbox.  You don't want the mail truck driving over any plants you place  near the front of the box.  Get this info from or from your local post office.  NOTE: I am not a postal employee but none of us want to have to redo a project because we failed to plan ahead. 

Posted 2012-04-26T01:09:22+0000  by RF1
Lovely concept...but keep in mind that mail carriers cringe when they have to deliver mail to boxes that are surrounded by blooms due to bees and wasps. My father (retired mail carrier) had to carry a sting kit with him at all times, since he was deathly allergic to bee/wasp stings.
Posted 2012-04-26T02:26:32+0000  by MissFay

I hope someone is able to respond as to where I can purchase the beautiful white  pole and the mailbox.   They help to make the garden look great.   Someone please respond and let me know where to purchase

Posted 2012-04-26T03:16:25+0000  by Hannah27


Here is a link to some mailbox posts and mailboxes are available here too.

The only thing different may be that Home Depot constructed that one out of post, corbel and finial tops??

I had our mailbox made out of left over pavers and got my mailbox from this same hope it helps!

Good luck!

Posted 2012-04-26T05:40:38+0000  by AngelzFyre

how about a mailbox garden that uses plants with interesting and colorful leaves and no flowers.  Show some appreciation for your mail carrier and keep the flowers (and bees) in another part of your yard.

Posted 2012-04-27T14:19:55+0000  by egranny

Hannah,  have you gone to your local Home Depot?  We found a few choices there.  One of them being the white pole type you install yourself, but you will have to pick out the mail box to go with it as well.  We did our install and it is working fine.

Posted 2012-05-01T16:16:19+0000  by moonchild64

My mail carrier had a fit and I don't blame him as a nest of mud wasps was discovered under my beautiful blooms so check your garden often and carefully.

Also, I work for a City government and our Police/Fire Department always reminds folks NOT to block their street number on the mailbox as shown in the picture above. In an emergency, particularly at night, the numbers should be clearly seen and reflective.

Posted 2012-05-02T14:37:04+0000  by RuthHayden
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Posted 2019-02-14T05:41:09+0000  by leoniwein
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