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Minimum distance between a refrigerator and range

Hi I'm adjusting the layout of my kitchen and want to move my refrigerator closer to my range - however what's the recommended minimum distance between the two?  
I'm thinking of placing a 24" base and wall cabinet between the fridge and range so I can have some counter space between the two, however my contractor suggests 18" instead. 

Thank you!
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Posted 2015-09-24T19:18:23+0000  by AlbertoNNJ10 AlbertoNNJ10
Hello AlbertoNNJ10, and welcome to the community!

Some space on either side is a good idea, so you can a resting place for items, but in regards to how wide of a cabinet, you can go as small as 9 inches or you can much wider, like 24 inches, your choice. 


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Posted 2015-09-24T19:51:45+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
Great question AlbertoNNJ10!

I consulted one of our appliance experts to ensure my answer is correct.

He tells me that a one-inch air space is all that is required ... so you're free to arrange your space as function dictates.

In my home, I have a 24-inch cabinet and base with a very functional granite counter top.

Other than the serving island, that counter is one of the most used spaces in my kitchen.

So, let your imagination (and your floor plan) be your guide.
Posted 2015-09-24T19:51:07+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
Thank you Angelo and Pat, I really appreciate your quick responses!

Take care,
Posted 2015-09-24T19:53:43+0000  by AlbertoNNJ10
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