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Mixing shower faucet/trim brand types

Hi guys, I'm trying to look for a shower trim set for showerhead/handle/tub spout, but there doesn't seem to be any single set that I or my SO like.  Is it possible to mix and match different parts from different brands/collections to go into one shower/tub installation?


If my research is leading me in the right direction, the only crucial part that needs to match is the Rough in Valve and the Lever/trim kit, correct?  For example, I must have a Delta rough in valve for a Delta valve trim kit since they are made for each other.  I wouldn't be able to use a Delta rough in valve for a Kohler valve trim kit, correct?


So if that's the case, do I have this correct:


1) Showerhead: I can use any arm/showerhead fixture that I like

2) Rough in valve + valve trim kit: Must be the same brand

3) Bathtub spout: I can use any brand/design that I like


For the bathtub spout, does it matter if it's the same or different brand?  Does the diverter handle work (that changes from the tub spout to showerhead) in the same way across all/most brands?  Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Posted 2013-09-16T17:08:58+0000  by kurisu kurisu


Hi Kurisu,


(1)    You are correct you may use any showerhead/arm assembly you desire.


(2)    Rough in valve and trim must be the same brand and compatible, for example not all Kohler trim

         kits fit all Kohler valves.


(3)    You may use any brand spout you desire.


(4)    If the diverter is on the spout, any spout will work, they all work in the same way. However the spout

         attachment varies depending on the type of plumbing, copper pipe or galvanized pipe.



Posted 2013-09-16T18:08:20+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

Hi Mike, Thanks for the quick response.


Would the tub spout that is purchased contain the varied attachment types depending on the plumbing?  Or is it something we would have to find out on our own?

Posted 2013-09-16T19:08:33+0000  by kurisu

Hi Kurisu, Most of the tub spouts come with several adaptors for the various applications.



Posted 2013-09-16T19:48:50+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
Hi kurishu,

Our Kitchen and Bath Associates have special ordered custom shower parts for years.

These supplies come as kits and also as assorted parts.

You'll simply need to sit down with one and discuss your expectations.

They can show catalog images as well as refer to colors by brand on the faucet aisle.

Pat InPaint
Posted 2015-12-15T23:13:54+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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