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Gift Ideas

Mothers Day DIY Gift Idea: Concrete Garden Hands

Give Mom a Hand!

Looking for something special to give your mom this Mother’s Day, why not give her a hand? All I ever want for Mother’s Day from my children is “mumual labor”, just a little time doing something with me, for me…fixing, cleaning, gardening, painting , just a little something I would like  a hand with, it is always nice to get a hand and be with my kids!


Giving a hand can sometimes be more rewarding than receiving a hand; make a token of thankfulness for someone you love, and appreciate, with this easy to follow recipe.


Tools and Materials

Let me start by stating that all these materials should be disposable, I only used things that I knew I would not mind it they got ruined, and ultimately need to be thrown into the trash.




10 lbs. Cement All - Rapid Set Cement

Small packet of Cement All flow control ( help with fluidity of cement)

Latex gloves for making cast

Nitrile gloves for working in, get a 5 pack you will need them

3 disposable buckets

Paint sticks (for mixing cement)

Several hand towels

Large bowl

Clothes pins

Spray bottle with water

Optional: lace trim, buttons, scissors



First, I made sure I had everything all ready for a quick pour of cement, I read the instruction thoroughly….. several times. I staged all materials and tools like I was going to perform a surgical procedure. I lined the kitchen sink with a hand towel that covered the entire base of the sink to ensure if any mistakes happened it would not end up in my drain!



I also filled the gloves that I was planning on using for molds with warm water to make sure they had no holes and this action also expanded them so they were ready and open….make sure you empty all the water out of the gloves. With clothes pins hang the cuffed gloves on the interior of the a bucket, with the glove top open.



Step 1: Follow the direction on the cement box…4 (cups cement) to 1 (cup water) ratio, add a tablespoon of flow control to the water and then slowly add cement mix stirring constantly! The consistency should be that of cake batter.



Step 2: Pour the cement into one glove, fill all the fingers all the way up until the thumb is filled,  let it hang in the bucket  for about 6 minutes…keep mixing the remaining cement so it does not solidify….just like a cement mixer!


Next finish filling the glove with cement, leaving about 3 inches from  the top opening so you can fold the glove cuff over  twice,  then  clip the fold  closed with the clothes pins.



Step 3: Cradle the cement filled glove into the large bowl that is lined with hand towels, adjust the fingers (separate the fingers so the rubber from the gloves comes off easily)  press gently on palm to create a life-like look.

Be careful to not push too hard, the cement will ooze out of the top of glove…..I learned that the hard way, no pun intended……



Step 4: Walk away and wait a bit, then start the same procedure again for the second glove..


Step 5: Feel the solidness of the first glove, and the heat it is generating, it is time to remove the glove; with the scissors slit the glove from the top and slowly pull the glove off.


Step 6: Once the latex glove is removed from the mold mist the cement hand with water every 5-6 minutes for a half hour, the heat that was coming off the molds was unbelievable, keep on misting….follow same procedure with the second mold.


I was amazed at just how quickly the cement set up and took to the form.


Ironically looking out my kitchen window while I was working with 8 cups of cement, I was watching a mason team pouring new cement stairs, across the street, with gallons and gallons of cement, forming and floating the finish of the stairs….I was so impressed, that I went out to say hello; I told them that I was working with cement as well, and that I have a new appreciation for their craft. “It is hard on the knees and the hands” the mason looked up and told me, and I totally agree!



I learned that masonry is labor intensive and time sensitive also cement is not very forgiving, one mistake can be a disaster! 


The finishing touch for the hands is a bit of lace and buttons; measure the circumference of the wrist and cut the lace accordingly.


Add 2 cups of cement to 1/2 cup of water, and a few drops more, so that it is soupy, stir in the lace keep it moving.

Pull the lace up and run your gloves fingers over it removing excess cement, wrap it around the wrist of the form, overlapping on the top front, now dip the buttons into the cement, add a drop of cement onto the glove and then seat the button on to the lace edge… just walk away for 10 minutes, and then mist the edge lightly twice; I left the mold to cure for 24 hours.


An extra hand is always welcomed and appreciated give this helpful hand to help hold jewelry, add a tiny air plant for your favorite plant lover, or send it to the office to hold notes and paperclips of a busy office worker.



Hands are the one of the most remarkable part of humans, a hand can pat your back for a job well done, a hand on the shoulder can give you strength, thumbs up can say everything is good, the okay sign, praying hands, the peace sign….. are all a universal language, with just gestures, no words spoken.


The ultimate task for any hand is to reach out and hold another hand, whether it is the tiniest hand wrapped around one finger, the connection is great….after all one hand helps another…..give someone a helpful hand!                  

Enjoy this project,



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Posted 2016-04-26T17:39:18+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS
Nice idea. The only problem I see is that is one HEAVY glove.
Posted 2016-06-02T05:29:35+0000  by cjl
 Greetings cji,

Yes the hand is a bit weighty, but worth every ounce, it makes me smile every time I look at it! Thank you for commenting!

Posted 2018-03-29T17:19:21+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
Thank you for the project idea.  My kids would love to take on a similar project for father's day. Any other great idea?

Posted 2018-05-17T04:02:20+0000  by Azalia


Greetings Azalia,

That is a great idea; fill a dad’s work glove! Working with the fast setting concrete and children, the kids must be constantly monitored; the concrete is serious stuff, read all precautions on the bag and make sure the kids wear gloves and masks if they help with the mixing, the whole time!

I always wanted to make stepping-stones with the fast setting concrete, using a pie plate as the mold. The kids could have some special tokens to tuck into the concrete before it sets up that will remind their dad just who made the stepping stone for him; or just use marbles or glass stones and create the first letter of their name. Another option would be to put stones, marbles and mementos in the pie plate, and then pour the mix on top and see what happensJ

Here is a link to a Father’s Day project I did a few years back, this is kid friendly!

I am so glad you found the Home Depot Community Azalia, keep the questions coming!

Best of luck with the Father’s Day projects; let us know what you came up with, we would love to see some pictures!



Posted 2018-05-17T15:34:02+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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