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Move 8x12 Shed

I need to temporarily move my 20+ y/o sheds to allow room for me to install concrete piers and replace the floors. 
Saw the EZ Mover product on the web and it is exactly what I need.
Does Home Depot rent this equipment?

Open link below to see

Many Thanks!

W. P. Tyree

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Posted 2021-01-23T17:39:06+0000  by DGBoy DGBoy
Because equipment available for rental varies from location to location, I would contact your local store to see what they offer.  You could also look online.

The other option might be to contact the manufacturer of the EZ Mover and see if they have any recommendations.
Posted 2021-01-24T00:23:16+0000  by Adam444
Hi DGBoy,

After 20 years your shed will have deteriorated to the point it will most likely break apart if you jack it up in the manner shown on the video you supplied, especially if the floors are rotten. I would replace the floors with pressure treated wood and call it a day.

Posted 2021-01-25T20:56:46+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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