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My Diagonal Shelves

Been working on a similar project because this commercial made my wife want those shelves by the fireplace. Have most the work done, but need to figure out a cord solution. We have floor outlets on each side that I cut holes out for, but I can't decide if I want to notch holes in the boards for cords, or if I want to move the shelves forward a few inches to allow for cords in the back, and then put the power strip behind it and have some holes where needed in the back paneling (not yet attached).

Any thoughts on a good cord solution? Here's the work in progress:


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Posted 2011-11-14T07:34:09+0000  by Nathan84 Nathan84

Looking good! Personally I would not cut any notches in the wood. I would suggest you move it up a couple of inches and mount the power strip somewhere near the top for easy access and cut holes in the paneling where needed. It is much easier to replace paneling (if you ever need to) than it is to replace the boards.

Posted 2011-11-14T16:53:22+0000  by hsaenz12

Afternoon Nathan84!


Thanks for your great question and welcome to the community!


hsaenz12 has great information about managing your cords better, but if I may, I have a few more suggestions as well. 


While you can move the shelves forward, you can skip the step of notching holes in the boards for cords by using Cordmate. Below is a picture and a link regarding using this easy-to-use product. 




You simply install the Cordmate in an inconspicuous area and the self-sticking backing makes your cords hide much easier.


I would try a combination of using this item as well as moving the shelves a little bit forward, and this should untangle your cord problem!




Posted 2011-11-14T19:18:12+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Hey there Nathan84,


Thanks for sharing your project with us!~


I think it looks awesome so far! Great job on the build, definitely worth a Nailed It!    Nailed It.PNG


If it were me, I would move the shelves forward a bit and try to not notch any holes in the shelves themselves if I don't have to. Personally, I end up moving my furniture around so much that I couldn't even tell you where I originally placed it when I bought it. =D


So if you're anything at all like me, then the notches might work for that setup now, but might be in the wrong place later on. If anything, I would stick to making the cut-outs in your backing and doing it that way, because the backing is very easily replaced later on if you do move it and it's easy to do, which is always a plus = )


Great job on the project and thanks again for sharing! Keep us posted on how it goes and what you decide on = D


(oh, and by the way...those candles in the fireplace look so cool! Good idea!~)

Posted 2011-11-17T14:45:18+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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Posted 2011-12-19T15:31:10+0000  by HomeDepotTara

I know this is an old topic now, but I'm so happy with how it has turned out that I had to post an "after" picture. My wife and I liked the shelves so much that we decided to revamp the entire fireplace and make the shelves truly built in (not that they weren't before with as snug as the fit was).


The only update since the picture is that we mounted the TV tonight. We have all power cords running behind the shelves to be more out of sight, so now we only have to devise how we plan to hide the cords that run to the TV.



P.S. I do NOT recommend trying to drill anything into studs when there is TWO INCHES of plaster in front of them.

Posted 2012-05-21T04:05:16+0000  by Nathan84



Thanks for sharing your new and improved fireplace! I really like how you updated the surface with mosaic tiles and accented the edges with dark moulding to compliment the bookshelves...bravo.


I know I can speak for other community members that we always like seeing the 'After' pictures and see how far you've come along on this project, you really deserve a 'nailed it' !


Thanks for your input and remember if you want to make the cords looks a little better, consider thewire molding to run along the corner of the wall/top of fireplace, if you like. 


Looks great Nathan!



Posted 2012-05-21T14:44:48+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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