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Project Ideas: Customers Show Off

My car's windshields

Put NeverWet on my car and never worry about rain again.

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Posted 2013-06-17T13:39:15+0000  by macedonian macedonian

Just remember in the video he states that the neverwet system does leave a frosty finish, so i am not totally convinced that this would work on clear surfaces.

Posted 2013-06-17T14:18:01+0000  by joshcameron

I will let you know

Posted 2013-06-17T14:21:50+0000  by macedonian

I'd be sure to test it on some glass that doesn't matter.  If you do it on the windshield and it isn't clear enough to see through, you may find it VERY hard to remove.  Also, I'd be a bit worried about what happens over time.  For example, does it start to streak over time with the wipers?


There is a great product called RainX that does the same basic thing for windshields.  It's not as hydrophobic as neverwet, but it's pretty good.

Posted 2013-06-17T14:25:08+0000  by tejaycar
Just curious how it worked on your windshield macedonian?

How long did it last?

Was the amber color visible/

Did it eventually streak?

Would you recommend it for others or does the other product work better?

Did any other Community Members try it?
Posted 2016-01-28T19:27:32+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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