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Need a more colorfast tint

I've been using a paint color that was computer matched to another brand paint.  The problem I have is the colors fade quickly due to no roof overhangs and a waterfront exposure.The original paint didn't fade after 13 years and is a light brown/goldish color. I'm looking to find a color made with all non organic permanent tints to solve this.  Not sure what questions to ask, however this is the code I've been using: DL 3/204  IL 14/204  TL  9/159  I use elastomeric base in Behr.  I'm OK with a color fairly close, don't need a match.  How do I get a color chart with only color fast tints? Or if this is more complicated than this, maybe some info on which of the 16 tints used are non organic/permanent tints such as the LL-raw Umber  Here is a list of the 16 tints code and name:BL = Lamp Black KXL = Titanium Dioxide[white] JL = Carbazole Violet VUL = High Hide Violet VL = Quinacridone Violet RUL = High Hide Red RL = Permanent Red FL = Red Iron Oxide YL = High Hide Yellow TL = Medium Yellow AXL = Permanent Yellow CL = Yellow Oxide DL = Phthalo Green EL = Phthalo Blue IL = Brown Iron Oxide LL = Raw Umber
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Posted 2018-12-01T11:53:38+0000  by snoot snoot
Snoot ,

The bright yellows have been notorious over the years for their tendency to fade.   TL, medium yellow, is a  major colorant in your above formula. If you can find a color that avoids AXL and TL you will have far less a tendency to fade. CL, yellow oxide is far less fade prone. As the yellows fade, the other colorants become more dominant.

You can certainly ask the Home Depot paint associate to pull up the formulas to see what colorants are used. It is possible to get to relatively the same end color, using two different formulas.

Another consideration is to upgrade to Behr's Marquee. One of its attributes is fade resistance due to chemical UV blockers having been added.
Posted 2018-12-03T03:38:10+0000  by ordjen
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