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NeverWet Idea! Placemats!

My idea is to use NeverWet to treat the placemats I use for my dining table and even more importantly, my patio table. 


Also, I have a TV in the patio under a covered roof, but the sides are still open and it still gets some humidity and the occasional storm that blows rain sideways.  Spraying the TV would be awesome.


I wonder if NeverWet on my windshield is like a more permanent Rain-X.

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Posted 2013-06-22T05:17:35+0000  by etopman etopman
I was wondering the same thing. Seems more affordable and better looking than laminating. I'm going to try it out this week!
Posted 2013-09-29T01:22:26+0000  by Kc1014
(For placemats)
Posted 2013-09-29T01:22:51+0000  by Kc1014

It seems to work well on my outdoor placemats.  The texture it leaves makes it less desireable for smooth/glass surfaces like TV screens, but I was considering taping off the screen and spraying the rest as a precaution.  I wonder if it would effect the head dissipation?  In Florida, it gets very hot in the summer and the TV needs to be able to breathe. 

Posted 2013-10-03T03:06:02+0000  by etopman
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