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New Handrail Installation

I just had a complete hip replacement. I hav been advised to have handrails installed in my walk in shower formy safety.  Does Home Depot install these devices.

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Posted 2014-01-19T16:42:26+0000  by DCMitchell DCMitchell

Home Depot has a service that connects local service experts with our customers - called REDBEACON. It is not in all areas so check the directory first.  


You will find a great solution to the grab-bar installation problem there.



Posted 2014-01-19T18:37:08+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

I haven't used RedBeacon but I suppose it's like any number of other sites that do the same thing.  The service is free for homeowners and a flat fee or percentage of the job is charged to the contractor.


What's interesting is that none the three senior management folks at RedBeacon have any experience or background in residential construction.  The CEO has worked for P&G, Microsoft, Amazon, and StubHub.  The two co-founders have a background in computer science, one from MIT and the other from Cambridge and obviously pretty bright.  Maybe some of the underlings have some experience but there isn't any information about them on the site.  Heck most of them look to be under 30. :smileyfrustrated:

Posted 2014-01-19T19:12:37+0000  by Adam444


I have used RedBeacon and am very familiar with how it operates.  


First and foremost - RedBeacon's strength is only measured by the local contractors that it connects to customers in need. The service actually gives total control to the customers looking for services.


Here is how it works:


  • Yousimplyinputyourrequestforaservice (likepainting).
  • ImmediatelyRedBeaconsendsoutthatrequesttoalllocalcontractorsthatspecializeinthatfield.
  • Theywillrespondwitheitheracompletequoteoraninquiryaboutwhatyouneeddone.
  • Atnopointdothesecontractorshaveaccesstoyourinformation (likephonenumbers).
  • Youcanlookattheresponsesandmakeadecisiontocontactallthatappealtoyou.
  • Mostcontractorswillhavereviewsandwebsitesdetailingtheirwork.
  • AllcontractorsarevettedbyRedBeaconandhavebeenthoroughly checked. 

RedBecon only serves these certain cities and metro areas:


Atlanta    Austin   Dallas   Dener   Hawaii   Las Vegas   Los Angeles  Portland   San Diego   Seattle    San Francisco


Heck, you might even have a great experiance.:smileywink:

Posted 2014-01-19T20:18:39+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
Hi DCMitchell,

The Home Depot sells most everything in a Good, Better, Best format.

The same is true for shower handrails.

Click the link for three examples of easy-to-install safety handrails for your shower.

We hope your recovery has gone well and look forward to seeing you at The Store.

Pat InPaint
Posted 2015-12-15T22:35:26+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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