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New definition of Clip Art...

In today's world, clip art is defined as a simple graphic to be pasted into something like a brochure or presentation. I'm about to redefine that simple definition.


Clip Art Display.jpg

Starting with a simple board, in my case a piece of scrap MDF packaging salvaged from the trash barrel. I followed up with a Dollar Store purchase of some clothes pins. I found the center of my board and measure out 8" to the left and 8" to the right. This gives me the spacings for my holes. If the place I happen to want to mount my clip art display is at a stud, the next hole will fall in a stud as well. If I am missing a stud for the first hole, I will miss the stud for the second hole as well. If I am not hitting a stud, I can simply use some drywall anchors.


Next, I disassembled all the clothes pins and along with the board, painted them all black.



After everything is dry, reassemble the clothes pins (dollar store clothes pins springs aren't that strong). To attach the clothes pins to my board, I roughed up the area where I would be placing the pin and applied some JB Kwik. For this job, JB Kwik is ideal. It cures quickly and dries an almost black color.


After all your clothes pins are attached, mount on the wall and clip in your artwork.




Pictures, drawings, craft projects, etc. Anything that will fit into the clips is fair game. Since this is a surprise for my wife, and I'm not sure where she's filed away all the drawings our daughter has done, I clipped some recent pictures of the little rascal. In hindsight,  I probably should have flipped all the clothes pins over when painting and done both sides. If it becomes an issue, I'll just remove it and give it another spray.


If you have a larger piece that you want mounted on the top, simply mount the piece behind some mat board and then clip in. Will give a more formal, gallery look to that priceless 3 year old's drawing of a flower. You can also epoxy or hot glue some craft pieces to the clips to dress it all up (or down) a notch depending on your taste and style.

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Posted 2012-05-28T17:55:50+0000  by Paul Paul

Wow what a fantastic idea Paul. Your wife is going to love it.


I think I'm going to borrow the idea and spin off of it with a nice clip art project of my own for my teenage daughter. She has pictures all over her room now and it would be a great addition to try and organize some of them. She will most likely see it as a way to add more. :smileyindifferent:


I will take some pictures once I get it done to show you what I come up with.


I love that your very creative and you think outside the box. Not everyone can do that.


As always thank you for sharing your great ideas here on the community.  

Posted 2012-05-30T18:22:26+0000  by Christine_HD_OC



Awesome idea as always!~ I like the simplicity of it, but that it also has a very "modern" look and feel to it. My mother would love something like this, she's very into artsy pieces like this.


I think you've got a budding business venture on your hands my friend ; )


Like shecandoit22 said, we're glad you're always sharing your creative projects with us on the community. It's always a welcome sight to see.

Posted 2012-05-31T15:53:32+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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