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Offical Military Discount Policy

What is the official Home Depot policy for Military discounts? What are all the terms and conditions? What are the restrictions? What products and services are excluded? What products and services are included? Where is this policy published on Home Depots website and what is the link?
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Posted 2018-07-04T20:12:58+0000  by Joseph17 Joseph17
Hi Joseph17,

Due to a constantly changing product mix a specific list of items included and not include is too long to publish. Each store has over 50,000 individual items. For specifics please speak to a manager at your local Home Depot store.

Below is a summary of our Military Discount policy:

At the Home Depot we offer a 10% Military discount on all Regular and Sale priced merchandise with proper military I.D. If an item is on sale, one additional discount may be applied, such as a coupon, 10% off offer or the 10% military discount, however during our promotions where a blanket 10% is offered on all merchandise such as appliances during the recent Memorial Day Event, no additional discount will apply, since an additional 10% has already been taken off. There is a Maximum Military Discount of $500 per purchase. There also may be some restrictions on certain merchandise in the store. The Military discount is not offered for online purchases.

When shopping in our stores, if you ever have a question about our Military Discount please ask to speak to the store manager.


Posted 2018-07-09T17:56:34+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
I'm going to start going to Lowe's instead. I hear they have a set policy that excludes services, deliveries and installations. Seems everything else is fair game to receive my 10%military discount. 
I have been going to HD because it's closer but I'm always surprised just how few items I receive my military discount for. We're renovating our home, spending hundreds every week. It's worth driving a few more miles to save a significant amount. 

Posted 2018-08-22T11:56:45+0000  by Pardoana81
I experienced this last night, we went to Home Depot to purchase a Refrigerator, Washer and Dryer. We wanted the same items that Lowes had for the same price. Home depot had them for the same price however they rang up at a higher value and then they applied their "coupon" bringing the price down and said we cannot apply the Military discount, sorry, we can only apply one discount. OK, you basically in my opinion matched a price of a competitor, so why not apply the 10%.....nope sorry. OK you basically lost $4300 for items not even in your store, sitting in a warehouse waiting to be shipped. Lowes sold at the sales price and applied the Military discount. I like Home Depot and have considered going to HD as my preferred store...but something I must reconsider. Your business model seems flawed and may need tweaking. 
Posted 2018-09-01T13:26:01+0000  by jimmyezy
Pardoana81- If you're spending more than $1500 on a self-help project, put together a big list and register as a Pro, then run your list by the pro desk.  They can often get you better than 10% discounts by sending your list to the "Bid Room" for generic construction items.
Posted 2018-09-05T03:55:13+0000  by BDCarrillo
This is all interesting and demonstrates the inconsistency in the HD policy. I have been using my military discount at HD for years with no problems....until recently. I am a home owner and do all my own maintenance and remodels spending many 10s of thousands on these projects. I went into one SoCal HD and attempted to check out at the pro register as I had done many times in the past and received my military discount. This time I was told I could not get the discount at the that register. When I said fine, I’ll just go to another register, they gave me the discount. 

Last week at the Redlands HD I only got a discount on about $450 of my $900 purchase (I have spent this amount and more several times in the past and received the full discount). I asked why only a discount on half? I was told that it has always been HD policy that the military discount doesn’t apply to any building materials. Huh? Say what? That’s almost all I buy at HD, never heard this before, and is inconsistent with the policy above. 

Lowes here I come, and they’ve expanded their military discount to include all my family and friends just using my phone number. 
Posted 2018-09-06T04:16:38+0000  by Redlc
Lowe's began an everyday policy way before Home Depot considered it on other than Memorial Day. HD offers it now on limited items, Lowe's offers it on nearly all items. Obviously, HD does not have an interest in competing with Lowe's for some of the hardest working, home-building folks in America—including their family members.

Military Discount Policy

Lowe's established the 10% Military Discount to extend our gratitude to the men and women who have served or are currently serving our country in the US armed forces.1 

To receive the Everyday 10% Military Discount, you must: 

Be currently serving in or a veteran2 of the US armed forces or be the immediate family member.3 Once the service member signs up for the discount program on, it will be linked to a MyLowe’s card that may also be used by immediate family. 


Enroll in the program online. Lowe’s uses a trusted third party to verify eligibility status for online enrollment and may require additional documentation or proof of eligibility. 

The Military Discount is established for personal purchases and cannot be used for previous sales or the purchase of gift cards or services4 including product installations. It cannot be used with any other offer, coupon, promotion, discount, Lowe's Low Price Guarantee, special price programs such as Lowe’s volume or special discount programs or on purchases. Extended Protection Plans, fees or taxes are also excluded from the Military discount. Offer is not redeemable for cash, is nontransferable, cannot be combined with manager discretion price adjustments or Lowe’s credit discount offers, such as but not limited to, Lowe's Consumer Credit Card 5% Off Every Day discount. 

Posted 2018-09-06T13:44:59+0000  by HoneyN
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