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Order not getting delivered since 4+ weeks

A month back - I placed an order through Home depot. It's been such a bad experience with the order delivery. 

I placed an order from Home Depot but now I have to follow up with multiple companies to get it delivered - Home depot has outsourced to some consulting company (GE) and then this company also subcontracted to someone local.

Every time I call to get a status its 45 minutes call and all I hear is "We are sorry for convenience" and this is the day of next possible delivery. I make arrangement for next day delivery (talk to the tenant who needs this installation, tells my boss that I would be late in the office that day, etc). The subcontractor shows up and says oh I don't have right order to deliver dryer. This is the 4th time this has happened.

Just curious if other folks have faced a similar issue. I am tired of calling home depot. They started a texting service recently which was good that you can talk to a person but that seems like a joke as well since response time is more than an hour.

Just curious if other folks have faced a similar issue? I am happy to provide more details- at the end of the day it not my full-time job to follow up the washer dryer installation. I have given today's date for dryer delivery (5th-6th try). Let's see if today is the day!

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Posted 2019-07-19T16:01:59+0000  by kaysee kaysee
Hi kaysee,

It sounds like you ordered the items on line. Sometimes one or more items are on back order from the manufacturer. If this is the case the delivery is delayed until all of the items on the order are available. Contact your local Home Depot store, the appliance associates can call the vendor and determine when the products will be available.

Posted 2019-07-22T20:28:56+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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