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PATIO 12in X 12in Stones & Edging

I am doing a 14 X 14 patio with the 12in X 12in red concrete patio stones. Do I need edging? If so, I am not sure what to get or what would look good or how to put it down. Does it go down before the stones or after?


Here is my patio plan:


I have a 14 X 14 space and plan to do a 10 X 10 patio with marble rock chips around it. Than leading up to the patio I would have a couple of the red 12in X 12in patio stones as well.


Do I need edging around the actual patio (10 X 10 area) and than also around the 14 X 14 area to keep the rocks in?


I am welcome to all suggestions as well.

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Posted 2013-05-31T02:33:39+0000  by kwarden13 kwarden13

Hi kwarden13,


When I installed my 10x10 patio with 4"x6" pavers, I had excavated the sod out from the area. I carefully maintained a straight edge along the boundary. 


The clay soil that we have here in Atlanta worked in my favor (for once) and no edge was necessary. The larger stones that you have chosen may enable you to go without an edge, as well.


The marble surround might need support, so an edge could solve that issue.PaverEdge.jpg


The pavers should provide support on the inside edge of the marble chips.


I'd like to see your finished patio. Post pics when you're finished, or in progress if you develop any concerns along the way. We're here to help!




Posted 2013-05-31T15:51:08+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL

I decided to do a 10 X 14 Patio with 6 X 14 of marble chips. Do you thing a 10 X 14 patio is too small? It does not look very big dug out.

Posted 2013-05-31T18:17:17+0000  by kwarden13

Consider what kind of furnishings are to go onto the patio. A table and chairs can take up alot of space on a patio. 


10x14 should be enough room for a gas grill and a patio set. You will need enough solid patio surface to support both. walking on the marble will be acceptable as long as you have shoes on. Pea pebbles are smoother and easier on the bare feet.



Posted 2013-05-31T18:31:32+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL

I plan on putting stepping stones with the marble chips. I already purchased 40 bags of rock. 


I am putting a seating set and small grill out there.


Thank you for all your input!

Posted 2013-05-31T19:44:41+0000  by kwarden13

Also, for the rock/marble chips pathway, do I need to do the following:


1) put 3 inches of paver fines

2) compact it

3) put down landscape fabric

4) put down stones

5) put down rocks


Do I need sand on the landscape?

Posted 2013-05-31T20:57:21+0000  by kwarden13

This specific application will most of the time only requires the stones.  If you feel that there may be an issue with heavy water run-off or weeds growing up through - then the fabric will be very helpful here.


Rock on!:smileyvery-happy:

Posted 2013-06-02T15:27:57+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

I am getting there.....How do I lay the pavers faster? I am having to level set each paver individually and it is taking pretty long. 


Any ideas?

Posted 2013-06-02T20:47:20+0000  by kwarden13

As long as the base is level, the stones will be level. Avoid walking on the sand before the  stones are applied. Tamp the stones into the leveling sand with a rubber hammer. 


Yes, you can walk and work on the stones immediately as you lay them. 


Spread a thin layer of leveling sand over the finished patio stones and sweep the sand into the spaces between the stones to lock them into place.




Posted 2013-06-04T13:41:39+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL



Here are some phots from the near finished project! Any other suggestions to make it look better are welcomed!!patio1.jpgpatio2.jpgpatio3.jpg

Posted 2013-06-16T22:24:14+0000  by kwarden13

Your patio looks GREAT! 


I love the interlocking edgers along the walk path. The red with marble chips works well with the color of your home.


And WOW, what a nice view! You will enjoy your patio for years to come.


Great job!



Posted 2013-06-21T13:14:49+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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