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Project Ideas: Seasonal & Holiday

PVC Wreath Project Issue

I'm building Suzanne Oliver's PVC wreath project ("Craft a Festive Holiday Wreath",  In her instructions, she refer to the adhesive as simply, "glue" (no specific kind of glue is mentioned).  

After considerable research, I opted for Oatey purple primer and PVC cement as virtually every source out there claims it's the best adhesive for PVC.  However, my husband reminded me that the typical use for PVC is joining and waterproofing pipes.  Will the Oatey PVC cement be able to bear the weight of this project?  The materials are quite heavy.  

Please reply with a recommendation ASAP - I'm already half-way through the project! 
Thanks in advance!
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Posted 2019-12-11T02:01:22+0000  by Gets it Done Gets it Done
The short answer is yes.

Technically using a primer and cement isn’t “gluing” but rather “solvent welding” where the chemical in the primer and glue essentially dissolve some of the PVC.  The end result is that the two pieces essentially become one and should be more than strong enough for you project.  Read and follow the instructions on the can.

The purple primer can be quite messy to use,  protect surfaces and wear old clothing - it does stain.  There is also a clear primer, although it might be more difficult to find.  The reason that plumbers use the purple primer is that so the building inspector can tell the pipe had been primed before gluing.
Posted 2019-12-11T02:25:31+0000  by Adam444
Hi Gets it Done,

You may use Christy's Red Hot PVC cement, for your project, since no water will be run through the pipe you may omit the primer for a faster neater job. Just follow the directions on the can, I would wear gloves to keep the cement off your skin.

Good Luck with your project!

Posted 2019-12-27T01:47:59+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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