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Paint Colors Inspired By Autumn Leaves

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We had that cold snap followed by a day of light rain and the leaves began to fall ... and what do you think happened next?!?


That's right!


Just as the leaves were beginning to hit the ground, my customers at The Paint Pit began their annual winter migration into deep-base paint colors.





They showed up the next day, in fact, asking for Bitter Chocolate and Red Red Wine ... not the edible kind, but the kind that brings those gorgeous, full-bodied deep-base colors from nature into their homes.



One young couple showed their full appreciation ... they couldn't stop smiling when I opened their can and showed them their tinted masterpiece!


In their imagination, they almost certainly were filling their favorite room with their new color ... anticipating sharing it's warmth through the winter.


OH Yes!


The next customer in line, a young lady, also asked for a very dark brown. 



She said it was for her TV room and when I used the words "Man Cave" to describe the room, she stopped abruptly to inform me that it was her "Woman Cave," ... not a traditional TV room.


Sorry guys, but the secret (about what used to be your private space) is out!


It occurs to me that if you ever dreamed of trying deep-base colors, this would be exactly the right time to do it.


Are the leaves falling where you live???




How Much Paint Should I Buy?

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