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Paint Smell Lingers

I had a 2 bedroom house recently painted - all walls, trim, doors, radiators, closets.  Walls were primed with Kilz, then painted with 2 coats of latex  matte paint (Benjamin Moore).  Trim, doors, radiators were painted with Benjamin Moore semi-gloss latex.  

Painting took place over a 3 week period and was finished May 24.

We're still smelling paint.  Is that unusual?  Normal?

The weather here the first week or two after completion was rainy, cool, humid.  Then it got warm and humid.  We had a stretch of cool, dry weather and the smell dissipated.  Seems to keep coming back when weather turns humid.

We've been running fans to keep air moving.  We also have portable window air conditioners that we are using when it gets hot out.  Is this helping or hurting?  These A/C's have dual hose so that outside air is coming in, not recirculating inside air.  

Any suggestions are welcome.  
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Posted 2017-07-11T17:30:14+0000  by jwb jwb
Latex paints normally cure within 30 days. Cool and humid can slow the process. The odor should have dissipated seveval weeks after application. Why did you use Kilz primer? Was it the original oil based KIlz which is often used to seal in odors or stains  from nicotine or pets?
Posted 2017-07-13T04:19:21+0000  by ordjen
Image result for images of dehumidifier in home setting

Greetings jwb,

A lingering swell of any kind is a bit unsettling; a paint smell can be the worst! Do you have wall-to-wall carpet, which may have absorbed some of the vapors? In any case to rid the house of the smell is the task at hand!

I suggest a de-humidifier first, I live in New England as well and we have not had many consistent days that would allow your house to dry out, especially if you are using an air conditioner. You will be amazed at just how much moisture the de-humidifier will remove from your living space. Stop by your local Home Depot and check out all the models and sizes we have in store, and check the on-line selection.

I hope that running the de-humidifier will eliminate the lingering fumes. Open the windows whenever possible to let fresh air circulate through the house, open the shades and push back the curtain let the sunshine in as well; drying out the house will certainly help!

Home Depot also has a few products for removing odors that you can place in areas that have the strongest smell, OdoBan, and Odor-Genie, these products are solids that absorb unpleasant odors.

You can also try some old fashioned suggestions: a lemon cut into quarters, place in shallow bowl, and add salt about 3 tablespoons on top, the salt will absorb smell and the scent helps to purify the air, a few bowls of baking soda will also help to slowly clean the air.

I hope these suggestions get you on your way to just sitting back, and enjoying your freshly painted home!   Maureen


*I just want to warn you that you may encounter the smell once the heat is turned on, the radiators may start the smell again. Before the temps fall run the heating system while you can open the windows

Posted 2017-07-13T17:54:38+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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