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Paint formula to Color name

Is it possible to provide the name of the color that this formula represents? The clerk was too lazy to type the color name in to have it print on the label in so all I have is the formula.

384th CL=16 DL=1 JL=3

Thanks in advance
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Posted 2019-11-24T08:02:46+0000  by JFII JFII
I don’t work for the Home Depot, much less in their paint department but if you had a custom color mixed the software might not give the associate the option of adding a color name.  That’s probably also true of older colors that might not be in the current database.  So it might not be that the associate was “lazy” but rather the computer didn’t provide an option.

Of course, since you have the formula the color name is really irrelevant.  Does it matter if the color is called “Sunrise” or “Sunset”?  

Posted 2019-11-24T23:59:12+0000  by Adam444
talk to my wife
Posted 2019-11-25T00:21:59+0000  by JFII
BTW the quantity is a quart.

Thank you for pointing that out. 
Using the paint formula doesn't work with the HD or Behr apps for coordinating color. It asks for the name of the color. Nor does it make it easy to find among 9 other quarts of paint. Do you memorize things by composition rather by name? You must be a genius. 
The lazy comment I made came from the clerk's own mouth when a day or so after purchasing the paint. I saw him at the store. I mentioned to him that "Hey, you know you didn't put the name on that paint i bought the other night"
He responded  "I'm sorry. I was just being lazy. I usually type them in" 
If he had, I would not have asked the question and would not have been seagulled by you Troll.
Posted 2019-11-25T00:43:56+0000  by JFII
I’m not sure what has your shorts in a knot but I simply offered offered a possible explanation as to why your paint doesn’t have a color name on the label.  As I said, I have no experience with Home Depot’s paint mixing computer and obviously I wasn’t there for your post-mix conversation with the associate.

Sorry to have wasted your time. 
Posted 2019-11-27T03:38:12+0000  by Adam444
it would have been funnier if you said "sorry to get your panties in a bunch". No worries i am just busting on you.
if you don't really know the answer to something or why someone may have posted the question - don't answer it. Because it's possible a pro does understand the question and know the answer.  Yes, repeating the comment the employee made would have been best kept to myself. But what you have done is taken the question from being counted as unanswered. I see you have done this many dozens of times across many different subjects. Offering only some common sense answers or mostly nonsense especially that you don't work for the company. But mostly just removing the question from the unanswered queue without it being answered. Why you are doing this i don't know or care to know. However, I would appreciate that since you are what seems like a part of this site. for you to get my answer or repost the question.
Thank you
Posted 2019-12-02T22:33:09+0000  by JFII
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