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Paint stripper mistake. Help!

We decided to try to use self-leveling concrete to even out the basement in our new house. Once we got the flooring up we saw that it was painted. We saw that you can't use concrete primer unless you remove the paint so we attempted to use paint stripper, Citristrip, on the floor. We did a test patch and it was fine but on the bigger floor, it just made this huge gummy mess! Now what? We are scraping up what we can and then spraying it with vinegar water to deactivate the citristrip but it's still so gummy.

We realize now we should have just rented a floor grinder but it seems like we'd just gum up the machine now. Part of the basement has carpet and part has heated tile that we didn't touch. We're looking for any advice on how to clean up this huge mess we made. The movers are coming in 10 days with all our stuff so we need to get the floors back down asap. We're just continuing to scrap the floor and spray it with vinegar for the moment but not sure this is really getting us anywhere. Help!
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Posted 2021-01-11T23:33:07+0000  by TarlyPDX TarlyPDX
Hi TarlyPDX,

We sell a product called Klean Strip After Wash, it will remove the residue. You can buy it at your local Home Depot.

Posted 2021-01-12T02:38:45+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
It's not just a residue but thick gummy paint that just smears around and doesn't come off. 
Posted 2021-01-12T03:15:05+0000  by TarlyPDX

Hey TarlyPDX,

Using a large floor scraper at this stage, coupled with using occasional paint stripper on tough areas, is really the only surefire solution for you.

The key is working is small workable areas, like a 5 ft x 5 ft or smaller area at a time. It will just take patience and elbow grease to remove the unwanted paint, since you've already applied it to the surface.

I would opt for cutting the dilution of the vinegar in the water to a final wash of just water itself once all the residue/gummy area is removed. Even Citristrip can give off some odor, so always play it safe by using  chemical resistant gloves as well as eye and breathing protection while doing this.


Posted 2021-01-13T17:56:07+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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