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Painting Concrete Planters in Beach Town

Hello. I am hoping to launch a beautification project in our city. One goal is to paint the concrete planters.

BUT members of the community have concerns about what paint to use and how long the paint will last, especially given our proximity to the ocean.

The planters are large and are already planted. I do not have additional information about the type of planter or prior sealants, etc. I would love to bring some vibrancy to the area, but need to address these concerns. Any guidance sincerely appreciated!!

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Posted 2020-02-11T20:27:26+0000  by boardsandbay boardsandbay

Good morning boardsandbay,

Thanks for your question and welcome to the community.

Since you have concrete planters and you aren't exactly sure what is on them now, the best choice would be first to use an exterior rated oil-based primer.

Your local Home Depot's paint department has these primers, as well as all the top coat of paint and accessories you need to finish painting the planters.

The key is to use that oil-based exterior primer, so that it can successfully bond to the concrete, and then it will give a good foundation for whatever exterior grade paint you wish to place on top of it. 

Failure to use a primer and just use a paint will most likely cause failure by way of the final finish looking uneven, and can lead to chipping or it not bonding correctly to the surface.

The best primer I like in this situation is Cover Stain by Zinsser, and then you can place any color or type of exterior grade paint over it once it is dried. 

In short, primer first and then top coat of paint to ensure the planters look their best.

Let us know if you have any further questions,


Posted 2020-02-12T15:00:30+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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