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Painting Outdoor Redwood Furniture that is leaking sap

 Hi I need to paint a new set a red wood furniture that I bought. It's a few months old and has been sitting outside  for a couple of winter months and it's completely unfinished. It is starting to seep sap in a few areas.  The sap seems to be coming through the grain of the wood in a couple spots just about an inch long. Just one or two spots on for example one chair.  Of course the set looks dirty now and doesn't have it's pretty red original wood coloring. So I semi-power washed it with a strong  Garden hose to get out the cumulative dirt, spiderwebs, from previous rains etc. I would like to go forward with a solid looking paint look   In like a vintage color turquoise blue. How do I remove the sap  that is starting to bleed through the word? Or do I even have to? Can I just use your bear  exterior paint with primer? I want to do a good job but a job with the least amount of steps as possible.   Hopefully no sanding etc. I tend to be a dumpster diver and just slap your bear paint with primer on everything and it works fantastic. But I've never worked with an unfinished  Redwood.. Thank you for your help.  This is an awesome site !!!
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Posted 2017-03-19T16:38:55+0000  by Kissed Kissed
Hi Kissed.
Have you thought about using an exterior solid stain? You can get it mixed in a wide selection of colors! As for the sap issues, it just may be that the unsealed wood had taken on some moisture and letting it hang out in the sun thould help the process of the sap drying out again. After it dries well, the sap should just flake off itself or you can just scrape off the majority and use a scrub pad or sandpaper to remove the rest. 
Posted 2017-03-19T22:51:37+0000  by SharonTHDpaintMA
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