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Patio pavers - circular pattern

Dear H Dep community,


I have had tremendous success with the forum and the many DIY projects I have completed at our house. My next project involves installing a patio in the back yard in a circular pattern.  A link to my pattern is included below:


The patio will be in a circular shape and I was wondering where I could purchase these shaped/design pavers?







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Posted 2011-05-11T14:19:01+0000  by Paddy77 Paddy77

Hello Paddy77,


   Sorry about that I double checked that Pavestone was one of our national suppliers. I called around to some of the Virginia stores and they said they do carry Pavestone but it’s supplied out of the Maryland Plant. So then I called the District Rep for that area and he said that they have discontinued the Plaza IV in that market so I found a different supplier for you. :smileysad:


The supplier is Eagle Bay Hardscape Products. They are located in Richmond, Virginia. When I contacted them they said that you could call them directly at 1-800-321-9141 to find out which local store would be able to get the pavers for you.


Their circle pavers are called Circlestone. You can get them in a variety of colors and surface treatments. Here is a link to their website so that you can see the product.


Eagle Bay Circle.png                      EB circle.png                                                                     


I hope this one will work out for you. Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.

Best Answer

Posted 2011-05-13T20:31:44+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

Hello Paddy77,


I’m glad to hear that you’re happy with the Community.


I found out that you start out by purchasing a circle kit and then you can add on to it to make it as big as you want.

I called Pavestone which is one of our suppliers and found that their circle kit is called Plaza IV Circle Kit. It has an 8’ radius and covers 84 square feet. You are able to make it bigger with the Plaza II series by using the small rectangles and the half square. I had them send over a spec sheet so I could pass it on to you.


Plaza paver specs 1.JPG


Plaza paver specs 2.JPG


 They also said that you could go onto their Facebook page to see the accurate colors that are available in the Plaza stone Standard Colors. Link to the Facebook page: Pavestone Las Vegas.


      paver circle pic.JPG    Circle paver pic.JPG                                

There are many different companies that carry circle kits and in all of my research they all are expandable to whatever size you are looking for.


Here is a Buying Guild for Pavers that has a lot of great information on the different types of pavers and the installation. The types that you’re looking at are concrete pavers.


This should get you started on the right track to your circular retreat. I can’t wait to see it once you’re all finished. Make sure and post some pictures once you’re complete. Or better yet do a post on the entire project step by step. That would really give all of the other members a boost to try it themselves.


Thanks again for your support of the Community.


Let me know if you have any other questions. I would love to help.


Looking forward to seeing you patio. :smileywink:

Posted 2011-05-11T19:09:49+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

Thnaks for the reply and all the info. Unfortunately there does not seem to be a Pavestone supplier in Virginia, which is where I am. Any other suggestions/suppliers you could recommend?

Posted 2011-05-12T12:45:45+0000  by Paddy77

Hello I am writing to get some help with a project I am having done . I need to find out what it would roughly cost to have to slate walkways done one is a 44' long by 4'ft. w. slate layed with the grass in between them, then a 40'ft. L. stepping stone walkway.  also 2ft. high by 11ft L. stone flowere bed, and a 2ft.h. by 9ft.L. stone flower bed. please can u or do u know roughly what an estimate would be or maybe what the average hourly rate one gets doing this work.

Thank you


Posted 2011-05-15T14:28:14+0000  by sharonfraser47

Thanks very much. I've just contacted the company requesting additional info on their products. Once again the H Dep community produces the goods!

Posted 2011-05-17T17:20:54+0000  by Paddy77

Hi Sharon


This is Ricks Picks.  I work in the Garden Department for The Home Depot.  Thank you for your question.  Once you have the square footage calculated, your next step is to visit your local Home Depot and get a price on the material that you will need to finish your project.  In addition to the slate pavers, you will also need pack base sand, so that you will have a level and compacted surface to work with.  Your pack base sand should be 1-2 inches deep, with a 2 inch base being preferable.  You first calculation, 44’long by 4’ wide, will be 176 sq ft.  How wide will the other 40ft long walkway be?  


The other two calculations involve the length of a stone retaining wall . You have 20 linear feet that will be two feet high.  The number of stones used will depend on how thick and how long each piece is.  The cost will vary depending on the materials that you choose. 


If you visit your local Home Depot, you will be able to price the various stone available to you and speak with a person at Special Services where you will be able to get a phone number for Home Depot Install for contractors available to complete the project for you.  Pricing on this project will vary by region and by materials used.  If you would like to do the project yourself, we can provide you with some guidance on the”How to” portion of your project.  I hope this gives you a little more insight on completing your project.  Let us know if we can be of further assistance to you. 


Posted 2011-05-17T18:49:37+0000  by Rick_HD_OC

Hi all,


Further to my circular patio question.....I'm looking to hang a hammock between two oak trees in the backyard, approx 7 feet apart (center to center) . I would like to add the circular shaped patio with pavers underneath the hammock. Some preliminary measurements indicate a circular pattern of approx 13 feet in diameter should be adequate, since the diameter of each tree trunk is approx 2 feet. Additional research has shown that laying pavers around a tree could be dangerous for the trees health by blocking off air + water to the root system. What are your views on this?


Witht substantial size of these two trees, the root system is probably quite complex......knowing the stages involved with laying a patio.....3 inches of compacted gravel, and at least an inch of you think excavation to approx 4-5 inches is likely to damage the roots significantly?


Is it a bad idea to lay the patio around the trees? Are there any alternatives?





Posted 2011-05-25T12:15:51+0000  by Paddy77

Hello again Paddy77,


That sounds like a place I would love to have in my back yard to relax.


I would be very concerned about damaging the roots also. As far as the air and the water I don’t think you would have to worry about that unless you’re thinking about continuing all the way out to the canopy line. This is where most of your roots are that consume the water and nutrients for the tree.


I would say if you stay about 2’-3’ away from the trunks of the trees you should be ok. I also thought about modifying the pattern so that you could still have your circle pattern but it would only affect 1 side of the tree. You would create the circle pattern in between the trees and then flare out into a V pattern so that all of the other sides of the tree roots would not be touched. You can still use the circular pattern just don’t continue around the tree. You could modify the thickness of the gravel if you really have a lot of roots.

tree circle.JPG


Just a thought. I would hate for you to damage your beautiful oak trees.


Let me know what you think and if you have any other questions. Thanks again for your continuing support of the community.

Posted 2011-05-25T19:16:00+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

I'm in the North (new) Tampa area - can anyone from HD tell me if their are any type of circular paver kits available around here?  I visited a local store but was told "what you see is what we have"....perhaps they are 'special order' or the like...any info is appreciated.  Hate to think I'm going to install a circular paver patio from the ground up with simple

Posted 2012-08-26T23:42:05+0000  by 9er


first of all congratulation for successfully completing the project, the design you have selected is very nice. have you tried to secrh this in your local market.



Indian slate

Posted 2012-09-18T09:15:32+0000  by kevin889
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