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Perennial Partnership

The meaning of the word perennial in the plant world is define as a plant that returns yearly to grow and bloom for a specific time frame within the growing season and will then die back for a dormant rest to return again next year to start the growing cycle once again.


Perennials are a sure bet in the gardening world, a perfectly placed perennial can grow for decades in the same spot. Some perennials spread through root systems, clumping and sprawling, some can set seed by wind, water and from birds creating new plants far from the first planting site; in fact most perennials, after a few season of growth can be divided producing several plants from the original “mother” plant.... perennial plants are just so giving.


The growers at The Plant Group perennial farm in Franklin, Connecticut are perennial providers for Home Depot stores throughout the Northeast. I recently had the wonderful opportunity to take a field trip and spend a day in the fields at The Plant Group.

Home Depot associates along with store managers and assistant managers came together with Plant Group vendor reps and so many amazing people that work at the farm for an end of the season open house, and open fields! We were treated to a guided farm tour, we walked through acers of potted perennials, they were blocked by variety and growing conditions is was stunning to see all the pots lined up, the plants are being grown for next year’s deliveries.

Phil, plant guru and perennial extraordinaire pointed out that all the fresh growth, within the pots, will be cut back soon so the plants can rest while developing a stronger root system and will then be ready for the early spring shipments to The Home Depot.

Our group stopped many times as we listen to Phil tell us facts about the all planning, and cultivating, and what it takes to develop new varieties of strong, healthy perennials.

 new variety of Heliopsis

It was a humbling sight to see the rows upon rows….. across acres and acres and imagining just how much time, love, nurturing, and handling, racking and shipping it takes to get these potted perennials to The Home Depot’s garden department plant tables.

Home Depot is very fortunate to have perennial partners like The Plant Group, the quality of the plants are unmatched , the fast and fresh deliveries come several times a week. The trucks are driven by pleasant and dedicated drivers who are always courteous, and happy to be delivering such high quality plants. The knowledgeable and loyal Plant Group representatives meet the trucks and roll the well-stocked racks of beautiful perennials to the tables to be merchandised.  

I have been receiving perennial shipments from The Plant Group for over 20 years, I have placed special orders and requested specific perennials for customers and I have never been disappointed…not ever!


I would like to thank  The Plant Group for the years and years of quality plants, but I would also like to thank all of the people that are behind those pots of perennials, planting, trimming, ordering, choosing, loading, and all the chatting and requesting that I have personally done for customers, and for all the perennial question that have been answered on the spot when I call for the past two decades!


lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time; enduring or continually recurring.


Perennial is one of my favorite words, not only does it describe a plant that reoccurs seasonally, but it describes the people at The Plant Group and the perennial partnership that The Home Depot shares with all of them!


Special thanks to Ira for inviting us all to your family farm, and Phil for the never-ending answers to all our plant questions, and to Mark for always coming through in true perennial style, and to Millie for keeping us all connected.


It was a perfectly peaceful perennial day, thank you!


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