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Pex Pipe Question with jetted shower


I am remodeling my bathroom, tore the whole thing out and and rebuilding it from scratch.  I have put up the studs and am now about to run the plumbing to the shower.  Let me back up and say that in the rest of my house I am replacing all the plumbing and switching to pex home run manifold style.  So each fixture has its own hot and cold.  I am installing a hot water heater to go to my remodeled shower which will contain 2 shower heads, and 7 body sprays.  My ultimate question is how do I run pet to all those connections and still maintain the "home run" installation?????  Would I need a valve to each fixture to do this?  Which this seems like it would create a logistical nightmare in the shower as there would be 9 separate knobs.  The idea is that each shower head will be on its own valve, and then 3 body sprays, 3 body sprays, and 1 body spray would all make up their own valve.  Hopefully that makes sense.

If only one valve controls 3 body sprays then how do I know if one set of pex pipe will be enough to supply those 3 sprays?  Hopefully that's somewhat not to confusing.  Thanks for your time.  


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Posted 2019-03-10T06:31:35+0000  by jackislost jackislost
I don't have any experience in plumbing multi-head showers but I would imagine that you would have to figure out how much water those body sprays are putting out and then working backward to calculate what size pipe you need to serve them.  That's also going to be a function of your household water pressure.

I'm sure there are several ways to accomplish your goal.  Maybe you feed off the main manifold to the actual shower head, then off the main manifold again to the valve that feeds the body sprays.  After the body spray valve, you use a another manifold to feed each of the individual sprays.  I might be inclined to think that you'd feed the body spray valve with a 3/4" line and then 1/2" to each of the individual sprays???

Does the manufacturer of your shower fixtures offer any advice or a "best practices" manual?
Posted 2019-03-10T23:25:17+0000  by Adam444
I haven't been able to find much info whatsoever on using PEX to do a jetted shower.  Well at least not with a manifold involved.  All of the fixtures can take PEX pipe sure, but the manifold is what I have yet to find good info on.  I like this idea of how you suggest using the manifold after the valve.  I want to respond to this more latter today, gotta head to work right now.  But thanks for the idea.  I like it.  
Posted 2019-03-12T12:57:55+0000  by jackislost
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