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Phone Jack Installation

Hi Everyone,


I have a phone jack that needs to be installed. I have uploaded photos of the wall that have the wire and the back of the GE Phone Jack package. The colors listed on the back of the GE package are different from what is in the wall.


If anyone can help, thanks.



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Posted 2011-05-02T20:13:54+0000  by andrewboris87 andrewboris87

Hello andrewboris87 : I am known as : elect_answrs here in the neighborhood, my name is Ralph. I have been a sparky for long as I can remember. The answer to your color transposition problem is pretty straight forward, as long as you are not color blind! 

 Your blue with a white stripe = red screw of phone jack

 Your white with blue stripe = green screw of phone jack.

  (You did not say if you were working with 1 phone number or 2? I can see the orange wire so finding the other with orange should not be too hard if needed ) 

If you are :

 Your orange with a white stripe = yellow of phone jack

 Your white with orange stripe = black wire of phone jack 

  Hope this helps answer your problem, reducing confusion, I have set the system to alert me if you post other questions here. Here is a chart I found, (the " T & R" are," tip and ring",  from the old descriptions back when we did not direct dial,  but we all had operators at switch boards, and calls were connected with a connector with "tip and ring" connections in each jack or connector, Ralph.

Diagram showing new-style wire.  T1 = White with blue mark, R1 = Blue with white mark, T2 = White with orange mark, R2 = Orange with white mark

Best Answer

Posted 2011-05-03T00:59:34+0000  by elect_answers

Hi Ralph, 


This is just for one phone services (1 Phone number), this phone jack will be used for DSL and Phone.



These are what wires I see:

Orange w/ White marks
Red w/ Blue marks
Green w/ white marks
blue w/ red marks
White w/ blue marks some insulation missing part cover
Solid blue (or Blue w/ either baby blue or white marks) - possibly some insulation missing part cover


I take it there are extra wires, but I don't see Orange w/ white marks.


I also posted a photo that shows that insulation was missing.


Thanks again for your help



Posted 2011-05-03T14:37:49+0000  by andrewboris87
Solid blue should be same as blue w/ white stripe, which is red.
White with blue marks should be your green.
Hope this helps, sorry the picture is not viewable from my phone.
Yes you have unused wires ! Enjoy your dsl, Ralph
Posted 2011-05-03T18:26:37+0000  by elect_answers

Hi Ralph,


2 more questions, is there a specialty tool to use to cut the wires and how can I tell when cut what wire is a active wire?



Posted 2011-05-04T04:16:51+0000  by andrewboris87

Hello again andrewboris87

 2 more good questions. 1.) There are tools to cut the wire, I wold recommend if you can to use a sharp knife, like a paring knife,  and just strip off some of the insulation so you can loop the wire you stripped clean around the appropriate "red or green" terminal screws.

2.) There are testers you can buy, there might be a bit of confusion tho, there might bea difference how the tool performs between testing a voice line and a dsl line. Honestly, the simplest thing to do will be to connect the wires, then plug in a basic phone and see what you hear. Do you hear a dial tone or the sounds of the "noise that is dsl on your phone line?

  Also , if you do have a dsl filter , if you plug it in your should clear the "dsl noise", and be able to hear a dial tone, and then be able to make a call. 

   Hope this has helped, holler if you need more info,   Ralph

Posted 2011-05-04T04:29:10+0000  by elect_answers

Hello andrewboris87, and welcome to the community!


Elect_answers gave an excellent reply but I wanted to add one more thing in regards to the DSL filter. I used to have DSL for many years, and I was very happy with the service but when I started to have problems one day, problems with my internet speed, that's where it got frustrating.


After a few hours of troubling shooting and calling customer service for some resolution, I eventually found the problem. All of the phones in my house didn't have a filter on each line plugged in to the wall. Once all seven phones lines were affixed with a DSL filter, similar to the one in the picture below, the problem was resolved, and my speed went back up where it should be, and this includes cable or Direct Tv boxes that use a phone line.


Devices such as fax machines, caller ID boxes, or telephones that connect to a DSL phone line require a line filter, which prevents noise from disrupting the DSL signal on the phone line. Line filters must be added to every device that connects to a DSL phone line. Note: The line connected to the DSL modem can connect to a dual stand-alone filter. Otherwise, do not use a filter on the DSL modem.


There are two basic line filter configurations available. First determine if you have dual stand-alone line filters (figure A), or single stand-alone line filters with a "Y-adapter" (figure B). Then follow the appropriate set of instructions below.


DSL stand alone.jpg
Setup instructions for dual stand-alone line filters (figure A)

DSL photo 2.jpg


DSL photo 3.jpg

DSL photo 4.jpg

Posted 2011-05-05T13:09:24+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
Good call Tangelo: I did not get into filters, and best practices in their use. Thanks for the "how to". You are right once you start with dsl you sure do need them every where that particular connection is available! I can not see the 3 "gif's I am sure they reduce the possible confusion for sure! Ralph
Posted 2011-05-05T14:43:47+0000  by elect_answers



Thanks, but I have installed the DSL Modem and filter for a family member so i Didn't need to worry about how to do that. I was just looking for installing the phone jack, but thanks for all of your help.

Posted 2011-05-16T14:01:51+0000  by andrewboris87



Im trying to install a new type jack on an old tel line. i have have 4 wires on the old line which is blue/white stripe, solid blue, orange/white stripe and solid orange. Can you pls advise to connect to the new tel jack?




Posted 2012-12-22T01:23:42+0000  by nicolasd

If I bought a working 1960's phone and plugged it in at home, would it work? i.e. is the wiring incompatible?


Posted 2013-02-15T22:31:46+0000  by SandraB
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