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Plant identification

Q: I recently purchased an indoor plant hanging basket. The tag is marked plant code IHDA0967. What is this code and where do I get info on this plant and Identification?

Greetings Ami2804,
 So happy to hear that you purchase a indoor hanging plant!  House plants add beauty to the decor of your home, and also add oxygen and some plants actually purify the air in your home too.
The Home Depot has a plant ID number on most plants, check out the plant identification link, submit your code and read all about the plant you have purchased!!
Best of luck, and enjoy your new plant!   Maureen

Q: Hi Maureen. I also am THD Nursery certified for 14 years in D28. The plant info tag is so general. The tag identifies the HB as a fern! Certainly I found the ID link on the site, but the info is not detailed. After some Google image research I found that the fern in question is an Phlebodium Pseudoaureum - Virginia Blue Fern, Blue Rabbit's Foot Fern. Could this info be available to the customer through the tags? Also do these Q&A's actually create conversations or must I re post each time? Thanks.
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Posted 2014-12-16T22:17:36+0000  by Ami2804 Ami2804
Howdy Ami2804,

I agree with Maureen that the plant identification usually has information about the plant, however sometimes the vendor has tags that gives a general information only.
I have found that posting a photo of the plant to be the best way to get information about most anything.

If you would like more information simply post a photo and we will be glad to assist.

Happy Gardening,
Coach Dave

Posted 2014-12-22T20:45:12+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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