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Plant of the Week: Buddleia, The Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush

No other plant serves a late season summer garden like the Butterfly Bush. Buddleia otherwise known as the Butterfly Bush displays its long conical shaped blossoms during the height of the summer, it endures drought and the extreme temperatures all the while luring in bees, dragonflies, hummingbirds and butterflies.

Pollinators swarm like mad to these aromatic flowering Butterfly Bushes on the plant tables at the West Roxbury, Ma. Home Depot. Customers stop and watch the Monarch butterflies with amazement, so many Monarch butterflies stop by on their journey south.

Monarch butterflies migrate to central Mexico, the flight of the Monarch from the northern United States and Canada can be a 3,000 mile journey. The Monarchs all fly to their winter home in central Mexico, they find refuge on the trunks and along the bark of the sacred Oyamel fir trees. Hundreds of millions Monarch butterflies fly to their sheltered winter home in Mexico, and in the spring they fly north again and lay eggs on the Asclepias, (the milk weed plant) as they journey north, some of the adults survive the journey and a brand new generation of Monarchs begin their migratory life cycle as well….it is an amazing pattern of existence.

The Butterfly Bush is a woody perennial the flowers bloom on new wood so an early spring cut back will benefit the plant and produce more flower buds. The cut can also control the growth because some butterfly bushes can grow gangly and out of control, trimming the bush throughout the season, once the flowers passed, will also keep the bush in check, and keep it pushing out new growth and buds.

Butterfly bushes can winter over in well drained pots, the plant starts out slow in the Spring but will come into full flourish mode in the summer months, there is even a compact Butterfly Bush called “Low and Behold” just for planting in a container.

Whether you plant in the ground or in a pot, plant a Butterfly Bush….. the scent and the flowers are just wonderful and the pollinators that the plant draws in and attracts will keep you entertained. 

Planting a butterfly bush will provide the migrating Monarch butterflies a place to stop, drink and feed on their long journey south. The benefits that the Butterfly Bush provides the pollinators is nothing compared to the enjoyment a gardener will receive by having it planted in the landscape.

Easy care Buddleia Bushes


Create a butterfly haven, plant a butterfly bush,


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