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Plant of the Week: Itoh Peony

There are more than bees a buzzing in our Home Depot garden departments, there is great buzz and chatter about the outstanding, Itoh Peony selection. The magnificent specimens are on display and for sale in select Home Depots throughout the North East, with more stores offering them in the southern division.

The West Roxbury, Ma. Home Depot has received a splendid shipment of these highly prized peonies. Itoh peonies, were named for their developer/hybridizer, Toichi Itoh, in 1940.  The pale pink plant is named 'Cora Louise Itoh Peony' and the sweet yellow plant is call 'Bartzella Itoh Peony'.

The yellow and pink flowers boast the incredible, intricate, beauty of a tree peony, with blooms measuring 5-8 inches across displaying multi-layered  petals that are as thin as tissue paper that flutter in the slightest breeze; the center eye is deep, and rich, with a complimentary, yet contrasting color…..simply spectacular! The yellow flower head is like sunshine on a stem!

The blossoms have stopped customers right in their tracks since their arrival…”what is that flower”? I was asked that all weekend long, with customers returning on Monday because they wanted another look…ultimately purchasing one and taking it home to their garden. One customer told me “I woke up thinking about that yellow flower”!

The flowers are like that of a tree peony, but the plant is herbaceous, the foliage dies back to nothing during the winter and comes back stronger each year, once established the plant can produce as many as 50 blossom a season. The foliage is disease resistant, the stems are strong, and it has beautiful fall color….and if that is not enough it is dear resistant!


The availability of specialty peonies, historically, was only through a breeder or private nurseries; they were costly, hard to get, also in a very limited quantity.


The Home Depot is very proud to offer such and incredible peony! Whether you have a mature, established garden, or if you are just starting out these peonies are a “must have”, treat yourself or your favorite gardener. 


They are not your grandmothers peonies…..but she would indeed love them!       Maureen


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