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Plant of the Week: Sunfinity Sunflower


Mid-summer brings a bit of exhaustion to flowering annual plants, the sun and extreme temperatures cause the annual plants to show signs of fatigue. Annual plants will come back around if you pinch them back a bit, continue to water and feed them with plant food, allow the plants a few weeks to rest and recover. Once the plants have had a little rest they will bounce back and power through and begin to preform again when the temperature are a bit cooler.

Gardens and planters at this time in the season are a bit stressed, even the gardeners themselves show signs of weariness; the watering, maintenance and insect control of the plants is constant. We all look for a little relief by this point, some bright fresh annual color and a bit of shade cover is so appreciated.

Check out what has just been introduced to the plant tables at your local Home Depot, the happy and bright Sunfinity has arrived!! The Sunfinity is the next generation in sunflowers, these plants are just amazing: A single Sunfinity plant will produce over 100 blooms in a season, there are multiple blooms on every stem, and the stems can be cut to bring fresh color indoors while the plant still puts energy into producing more and more blossoms.

The Sunfinity has an indeterminate growth habit which means that that the plant will bloom continuously throughout the season, this is such a game changer for sunflower lovers…and who doesn’t love sunflowers? Most sunflowers bloom with a single flower per stem, and once cut, flower production stops on that stem.

A vase of old fashion, fresh-cut sunflowers can be a bit messy from the pollen that the flower-heads emit,yet the Sunfinity fresh cut blossoms are neat and tidy with very little pollen powder…such a perfectly, polite, happy flower!

In the garden and in containers the Sunfinity preforms like no other plant, the upright growth can reach 3-4 feet tall and its sunshine filled blossom arms can spread 2-3 feet wide, it has such a wonderful presence.

Seeing the Sunfinity pots on the table of the West Roxbury, Ma. Home Depot is a show stopper! The happy faces of the Sunfinity beam through the heat wave days that we are experiencing here in the Northeast, the strong stalk do not fold or falter after a crazy summer rain storm….this is it...... these flowers are tried and true!

Sunfinity Sunflowers are not just summer survivors, Sunfinity Sunflowers are summer saviors, delivering us from the weariness of the season, a true treat from the summer’s heat! 

The sunflower is a native American plant discovered here in the United States, The sunflowers was grown and highly prized by the Native Americans for medicinal and culinary uses. The classic old fashioned favorite sunflower, the icon of summer, is now all new and improved bring this beacon of summertime to your home! 

Stop by your local Home Depot and look for the table of sunshine, pick up a pot of Sunfinty sunflowers for everlasting summertime blissJ


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