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Plant of the Week: The Lenten Rose

The Lenten Rose has risen again in my plant of the week category for late winter 2020! 

The winter weather in the Northeast has been so mild ansomewhat graceful, the only extreme snowy weather conditions we encountered came during early December and the Christmas holiday season. Several snowstorms muffled the fun of choosing a Christmas tree and decorating the outside of homes for the holidays, but that was a sacrifice worth giving for this early arrival of spring. 

Spring fever has been simmering for weeks but it has come to a full-blown eruption at the West Roxbury, Ma Home Depot, with the delivery of Hellebores, the Lenten Rose have arrived! 

The “ooos” and “ahhhs” that are brought on by this late winter flowering plant is so pleasing for the person who gets to set up the display of these glorious, semi-evergreen, perennials....and that is me! I am telling you these plants are adored by gardeners and anyone that is looking for a tangible touch of spring. 

The exotic flowers of the Hellebore look like something you would see growing in a lush tropical forest, but these flowers are as though as the strong semi-evergreen stems they grow on. Surviving cold, harsh, winter winds is their specialty, but with this mild winter the flowers seem especially appreciative and exceptionally gorgeous! 

Stop by your local Home Depot, the availability of the Lenten Rose is limited but it is so worth seeking it out, and if your Home Depot has Hellebores, they go fast.... they disappear, gone to gardens where they are planted, prized and adored, forevermore. 

The Lenten Rose is truly a perennial favorite of mine check out the post from the HD Community archives: 2017



Plant of the Week: Hellebore, The Lenten Rose

Hellebore, The Lenten Rose: This spectacular plant sometimes falls under the description as a perennial here in the Northeast, but the Hellebore truly fall under the category of a “broadleaf evergreen” plant.  Hellebore have an annual bloom time, but the plant itself stays present showing the broad, deep evergreen leaves on going, never to disappear.

Hellebore will thrive in a dry shaded area with a heavy lime content i.e., along a walkway or stone path; the plant will also flourish in a shaded area will lots of natural humus, as long as the plants have good drainage they will take hold.

The flowers of the Hellebore show their magnificent blooms during the season of Lent, hence the name “Lenten Rose”. The unpredictable weather during the course of the holy season, late winter thru early spring, brings on a sort of worship for these trusty flowers. The blossoms alone would cause pause on a warm spring day but to see them emerge from their leather-like leaves below, during cold inclement weather, is such a delightful, awakening, not only for the garden, but for the human spirit as well. Gardeners that have the Hellebore planted in their beds will enthusiastically tell you how much they enjoy and love these plants, Hellebore have a devoted following.


The availability of Hellebore plants differs greatly around the country. Stop by your local Home Depotspeak with the plant specialist for the availability or special order program for Hellebore in your region.

Read further about the care and placement of the “Lenten Rose” on our Plant Library link, along with 10 winter/early spring blooming plants.

The spring season official starts in just days, welcome the warming soil with a fresh start, seek out and plant (if you don’t already have one) a fabulous Hellebore, “Lenten Rose”. Give the plant some time to take hold, leave the flowers to go to seed….the plants will multiply and become a perennial favorite with the persistent qualities of an evergreen.

Happy Spring!  


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Posted 2020-03-12T16:01:00+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS
looks great! amazing flowers
Posted 2020-05-30T05:16:00+0000  by rinahuva
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