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Pollinator planting article

From a Master Gardener... can you please add to your pollinator friendly articles to lay off the pesticides or offer some organic options?  I don't think people realize the impact that some of the more aggressive chemical controls can have on butterfly and bee populations.  Milkweed for instance tends to get aphids as the season wears on but if you spray with a bunch of chemicals, your monarch caterpillars will eat it and die.  Sometimes people don't make the downstream connection on things like this.  Nicotine based pesticides have damaged bee populations horribly.

BTW, my local Home Depot (Greensburg, PA) always has beautiful plants and I buy there frequently.  I appreciate that they actually take care of their plants as compared to many other big box stores.

Kathy Ambrose
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Posted 2019-04-10T19:04:35+0000  by KMJAK1 KMJAK1

Greetings  Kathy,

Thank you for your pollinator article suggestion, The HD Community archives has many articles on Neonics and pollinating plants. The Home Depot Garden Club has a current plant list and article on plants that are great for attracting pollinating insects, birds and butterflies.

Nature Nutrient branded plants are exclusively dedicated for drawing pollinators to your garden and these plants are not treated with chemicals during the growing process and no chemical treatments are ever applied once plants arrives at your local Home Depot.

See the bench above with the trade mark pots, labeled with hummingbirds, butterflies and bees those are Natures Nutrients potted plants.

Butterfly | The Home Depot's Garden Club

It is very important to all the growers that supply Home depot garden centers that they ship in Neonic free plants. Plants that may have been in the area of a pesticide spray,  must have a spike tag in the pot disclosing the possibility of contamination.

I was in contact with a grower of Nature Nutrient perennials this morning, he said that not only are Nature Nutrients shipping pesticide free, there will also be plenty of regular potted perennials that will have a pot spike tag with a hummingbird icon displayed to indicate that the plant is a lure for pollinators.

Image result for neonic pesticide plant tag

This tag is place in any plant that has been exposed to pesticides, no tag - no pesticide treatment!

The Home Depot along with all of their growers know the importance of chemical free plants for the home gardener, Home Depot is working hard to offer only premium, chemical free plants to you.

Ask a garden associate for help if you have any questions about pesticide treated plants

I hope that this helps,




Posted 2019-04-11T17:06:49+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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