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Pouring a Concrete Patio Against the House

I have watch more than a dozen DIY patio slab videos. None of them seems to answer a basic question: can I pour a backyard concrete patio slab up against my existing house foundation slab. Most of the videos simply pour and trowel directly against the house foundation. But, some of the thread posts strongly suggest some sort of expansion barrier be used between the patio slab and the house. What is required/suggested for a newer home built in the Yuba/Sutter county regions? Specifically, I live in Plumas Lake. Thank you!

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Posted 2019-04-13T23:46:19+0000  by MrWilson35 MrWilson35
Hi MrWilson35,

The issue is expansion, if the patio is facing the yard and there are no other obstructions preventing expansion then an expansion joint next to the house is probably not necessary. However in earthquake prone California I would use it, as ground motion is much more likely and it is a good measure to prevent future damage to the patio and the foundation. If you lived in a harsher environment such as the Upper Midwest or North Eastern U.S. where winter frost causes a lot of damage it would be a necessity. Consult your local building department for the code requirements in your area. 

Posted 2019-04-15T19:32:23+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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