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Problem with online order

I just placed an order for a product online that I could not locate in the local store. They told me the inventory was reading 8 of the item in the store. I spent 30 minutes there today while the staff tried to locate the item. They realized the inventory must have been incorrect, and they did not carry the color I wanted. I purchased what they had and decided I would order the rest online. After ordering it this evening, I decided not to settle for the color that was my 2nd choice and cancel the order so I could purchase all of the quantity of the color I originally wanted. I tried to cancel the order within 30 minutes of placing the order. Customer service would not cancel the order. They said it was being processed. Yet, my order clearly told me it would not be shipped until between October 17-19, and this is October 5. I cannot believe how ridiculous the customer service was not to be able to cancel something in less than one hour after ordering it when it is to arrive in 12-14 days. No one has such terrible customer service anymore. We all know it is just a matter of clicking a button and only takes a moment. It is 10:30 PM, no one is shipping my product out tonight. Very, very disappointed in Home Depot. I will buy what I need at Lowes.

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Posted 2018-10-06T03:35:05+0000  by Craff Craff
Hi Craff,

All online orders are designed to be in the process phase for a certain period of time to prevent hackers from getting your personal info and cc information and to assure the order is not accidentally cancelled or hijacked with the delivery address changed to the perpetrators address. That happened to me last year on Amazon. All internet orders are now handled this way. Just try to cancel your next order on Amazon. 

And Yes, Lowes uses the same system.

Posted 2018-10-08T22:05:48+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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