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Project Ideas: Outdoor Living

Projects with Dad: Wooden Spiral Mobile

Wooden Spiral Mobile


fathkids 001.jpg


This is a great project for a rainy afternoon. You will need just a few materials, and using the Ryobi One + tool system powered by Lithium Ion will make this project even easier. With over 50 attachments the One Plus series features all the tools you need and is exclusive to the Home Depot.


Materials Needed

3/4” x 8” or 10” x Length Desired Cedar Planking

Scrap piece of metal the same length to make a jig

1/4" Threaded Rod

2 - ¼” Nylon Lock Nuts

1 – Split Key Ring

1 – Snap Swivel (the kind used for fishing line)

18” of 10 – 15 lb test fishing line


Tools Needed

Ryobi One +Lithium Ion Starter Kit

Ryobi One + Orbital Jig saw

Safety Glasses

1/8” and 1/4” Multi material drill bits

End Wrench and Adjustable Wrench

Sanding Block


Begin by cutting the plank into the number of 3/4” strips needed for the height desired. (Approximately 32 for a 24” height, 15 were used in the one pictured) You will then make a jig using the scrap piece of metal and drilling a 1/4” hole in the center of the jig. This will be used as a template for drilling the wood pieces. Once you have drilled all of the cut pieces, place one of the ¼” Nylon Lock Nuts on the end of the threaded rod and slide each piece on until all pieces have been inserted. Cut the threaded rod to length and finish by tightening the other Nylon Lock Nut.


You will then drill a 1/8” hole through the Nylon Lock Nut and the threaded rod. At his point it is important to sand both sides to ensure a smooth finish. Although you may note the mobile pictured was painted, there is no need to paint or treat cedar as it is naturally water, insect, and rot resistant. Once the sanding is complete, you can trace the pattern for your mobile on the once again rectangular piece. A popular pattern is to take a large radius that terminates at the same point at the top and bottom and mirroring it on the other side. This is what created the mobile pictured. You can also create a number of unique patterns using your Ryobi One + Jig Saw. Sand the cut edges and you are ready to finish your Spiral Mobile.


Once this has been done, take the split key ring and wind it through the hole. You can then attach the nylon fishing line to the key ring and the snap swivel to the top. This will allow the mobile to spin in the wind without the cord twisting or breaking due to stress. Turn each piece until it meets the edge of the next until you have created your perfect spiral. You can then retighten the lock nuts if needed.

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Posted 2012-05-15T17:26:14+0000  by HD116 HD116

This is a very fun and easy project to build. I've made many of them over the years.


I normally use a few different types of wood so that they are different colors. I also cut all different shapes so that each one has a unique profile as it spins.


You can make it a little bit fancier by using a lamp finial at the top. There are many to choose from and can really change the look of it. Make sure if you use one that you use a nut below it to tighten it to the all thread so that it doesn't unscrew when it spins.

                                                                 lamp finial.jpg


There are endless options when it comes to this project. So let your imagination go and let the sawdust fly.


Thanks for the great project idea HD116.


Now I want to build another one..:smileyvery-happy:

Posted 2012-05-16T18:41:53+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

Tom, this is a great little project, that has big results. I like the medium you chose to make this from. The other fact that the colors and finishes you can use are endless.


This makes a great house warming gift as well. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Posted 2012-05-17T21:49:27+0000  by Ken_HD_OC
Very crafty Tom!

Love the simplicity and the short timeline to complete.

The coating appears to be off-white semi-transparent stain.

Thanks for sharing your spiral mobile!
Posted 2015-08-20T20:47:20+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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