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Public APIs

Home depot has historically had closed "invitation only" private beta APIs. They now market having public APIs on the developer portal:

From the site "

Our Public APIs

Home Depot is excited to begin exposing APIs for custom development. We've released an initial set of services aimed at providing access to our catalog of products and categories. Additionally developers can utilize the Store Locator services to find nearby stores."

Has anyone successfully received credentials and made use of the public APIs thus far?

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Posted 2017-03-08T00:54:03+0000  by kaxisdrmr87 kaxisdrmr87

Hello kaxisdrmr87, and thank you for your question.  I think it might be best if you go here, there you can send a message directly to the Developer Portal. 


Posted 2017-03-09T13:41:45+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
If you go to that link, it prompts you to log in - it does not allow you to send a message directly to the portal.
Posted 2017-06-02T14:08:27+0000  by ekochman

I'd like to access the API but have not found any details. Is there a public API or just one stray post from months ago??!!
Posted 2017-12-18T17:00:57+0000  by seattlefive

I am from Logiwa. We are developing Integrations for companies. I couldnt access homedepot developer web site. 

How can i use homedepot api for orders and inventories? says "This site is locked. Please contact the administrator for access."
Posted 2018-01-03T10:09:51+0000  by umitg
Any update to this? I've tried multiple ways to contact Home Depot and no one seems to know who manages access to the API (or has even heard of this API).
Posted 2018-03-13T20:14:50+0000  by jdclearestimates

This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found.

Posted 2018-08-28T11:49:09+0000  by bagsmode
Any updates at all in regards to the Home Depot Developer Portal or available APIs?
Posted 2018-10-26T19:32:36+0000  by jakedfrick
Yeah, I couldn't get into the site. Plus where would we be able to get an API. I'm not  a customer, I'm on the manufacturing side of thing.
Posted 2018-11-07T15:39:50+0000  by Codyhh09
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