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Question about replacing dishwasher


We purchased a new/replacement dishwasher from Home Depot, and I am confused about the process.

So we bought the installation and haul-away and also the 'connection package' and they are supposed to be coming today/this afternoon.

From reading the info on the Home Depot website (and also chatting with customer service) it sounds like *WE* are responsible for completely disconnecting the old dishwasher BEFORE the new one comes today?

Actually I don't remember having to do that before, but so we unscrewed the old dishwasher (it is an under-counter on) and started pulling it out.  

And we saw that the old dishwasher is hard-wired electrically, with a white power cable going into a small metal box on the back of the washer.

So I don't understand - are we supposed to disconnect that power cable from the old washer ourselves?  We are not electricians ourselves?  Should we CUT that power cable?

Also, will the people who come to install then re-hardwire the new dishwasher for us?

Please HELP!  The new one is coming a few hours from now and we currently have the old washer sitting in our kitchen and tomorrow is Thanksgiving :(!!

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Posted 2019-11-27T13:07:06+0000  by ohaya ohaya
I don’t work for Home Depot but it I believe that the Home Depot associates that participate on this forum are just regular in-store associates that have other responsibilities.  I guess that was a long way of saying that if you are looking for immediate assistance, this isn’t the best place for it.  In your situation, the best course of action would have been to contact the store where you purchased the dishwasher.

So what happened with your install?  Did you end up needing to remove the old dishwasher?
Posted 2019-11-28T12:32:01+0000  by Adam444
Hi Ohaya,

I hope your install was completed and you had a good Thanksgiving. In most areas of the country the delivery agent will disconnect and remove the old dishwasher, some cities on the east coast require a licensed plumber to do the install. Unfortunately the information on our web site is generic and while we try to keep it up to date, there are exceptions in certain areas. I am sorry for the confusion. In the future if you have any questions about a delivery or installation please call the local store and they will clarify the specifics for you.

As to Adam444's description of our staff, he is not an associate of the Home Depot and has no knowledge of the qualifications of our team. We have a staff of approximately 30 personnel who are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced folks you will meet anywhere. This group was hand picked by our senior management to represent the Home Depot on a national scale and I am very proud to be a part of this extraordinary team. Over the last few years our team has answered over 20,000 consumer questions and offered an incredible amount of technical and common sense advice to millions of Home Depot customers.

Posted 2019-12-03T02:20:04+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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