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Questions on Bathroom vanity top/ sinks re-do on a budget!

Hi there, 


This is my 1st post and I hope you can help. Thanks for reading in advance!


So my townhouse has cultured marble vanity tops (36", 60" and 72") with single undermount sinks respectively.


First of all, the sinks are scratched and there is rust where the overflow is. I really want to replace the sinks. But if I don't replace the countertops (since it costs so much to replace all 3 countertops), is is possible that I can replace them with over-mount sinks? If so, how can I get the right size sinks without having to resize the cultured marble countertops? 


Secondly, the vanity tops are dull in color, stained with some tiny black dots and there is a brownish orange "circle" stain left where we changed the faucets. I wonder how I can clean them and make them look shiny again? Or if not, can I paint over them? If so, what is needed to do so? 


I hope someone can give me some insight on this. Thanks! 

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Posted 2013-10-22T17:17:08+0000  by luvofbeauty75 luvofbeauty75

You Know luvofbeauty75, I'm going to get your reply started!


But I also know that there are numerous other contributors who will have ideas to share.



This market is saturated with offerings!


I particularly love the hammered copper sinks made in all shapes and sizes.


Sold along with the sink is a paper template that provides the installer a very exact cut out pattern.


Go shopping prepared to transfer the template from your preferred sink to a piece of take-home paper ... butcher block paper is great for this.


Expect the over mount sink to measure about one inch all-around the outside dimension of your existing sink.


And, if you are skilled and have the tools, accept this as a DIY that scales about 8.5 on a 1-10 scale where 10 is most difficult.


If you are not that skilled, ask your sink supplier for a qualified installer.



Faux marble is a polymer ... and as such is slightly porous.


Stains tend to embed into material like this and are often difficult to remove.


Some manufacturers recommend using very high number sandpaper to buff off the surface and remove the stain.


If the stain is resistant, the only options you may have include refinishing or removing the counter top.



When I want to simply re-shine counters that are in basic good repair, I use Gel-Gloss.


Similar to car wax, but designed for faux marble, this polish works wonders on dull counters.


Simply apply with a slightly damp rag, allow to haze over, and buff off.


I recommend two or three coats.



The cost of new faux marble counter tops may be within reach once you calculate the budget for adding new bowls.


I would caution to start by attempting the simple repair: removing the stains.


If that can be done successfully, you may choose to proceed by replacing bowls.


If not, you may not be happy with the results regardless of the budget.

Posted 2013-10-22T21:01:22+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL


Thanks so much for your reply! I'll surely look into the gel gloss to see if it can help first. If it doesn't help, I saw that you sell a product called countertop refinish kit, it's like a paint that goes on the countertop (Internet # 203644684), does anyone have any experience with this product? Will the paint peel off the countertop? Or do you have any other suggestions on how to tackle these countertops? I know it's the best to replace them... but for the 3 countertops that I have, I look around and they are not cheap, esp. even the depth of the 36" one is a little off (a little more shallow than the standard depth counter tops). Custom made countertops= more money... :(


For the sinks, I actually like over-mount sinks although I know undermount is the trend. Plus for the size of my countertops with SINGLE sinks (yes even the 72/73" countertop has only 1 sink!), I don't think that little edge is gonna be a problem. My problem is just to look for the sink of the right size. I really don't want to/ don't know how to resize the the sink hole. Yes I would have the help of a handy friend but I want to keep it as simple as possible. I actually quite like this Kohler sink (Internet # 100063681) but I'd have to find out if this will work.


Anyways, if anyone has auy other suggestions, please do share! I appreciate for your time & help! Thanks again!

Posted 2013-10-22T22:41:52+0000  by luvofbeauty75

Cultured marble is made of about 75% marble dust and 25% resin (think epoxy) and has a "gel coat" that makes the surface smooth and non-porous.  It can polished, which may eliminate most of the scratches and stains.  It may be a DIY job depending on your experience level.  If the scratches are deep enough to pentetrate the gel coat, then it may not be repairable.


The sinks are typically molded into the countertop as part of the fabrication process but they might also be expoxied to the bottom with/without mechanical fasteners.  You might be able to cut away the existing sink and use a drop in.  It could probably be done with a angle grinder and diamond wheel but it's going to be a mess.  It would be best done outdoors with approved eye, ear, and breathing protection.

Posted 2013-10-23T08:45:34+0000  by Adam444
Well, there you go luvofbeauty75, the redo crowd has spoken.

Your budget considerations will be met with shiny surfaced appearance if you work toward polishing the resin coat on your existing counter tops.

It is very likely that the work you enlist toward refreshing these surfaces will keep money in your pocket.

I absolutely love Gel Gloss and keep a supply on-hand for use on my properties.

I have prevented replacing cultured marble tops several times using this product.

Pat InPaint
Posted 2015-12-15T23:01:03+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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