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Raised Bed Winter Dressing

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The first hard frost has happened here in New England, the last bit of life and the remains of a plentiful growing season have now withered and fallen to the ground, the cleanup is happening, and most gardeners are thinking of next spring already.

Cleanup is key and amending the garden soil now will only help to get the spring off to a great start.

Raised beds should get a little extra attention at this time of year:

First, remove all remnants of annual flowers and vegetables then add those remains to the compost pile.

Next top dress the raised bed with pulverized lime and a composted manure, then turn it under and disperses all the soil additives evenly, make sure to turn and move every corner of the bed, allowing air and nutrients to mix into the soil.

Finally cover the raised bed soil with black plastic, lay posts or stones within and along the edge to keep the plastic in place for the winter.The black plastic will shield the beds soil from compaction by pounding rains, and treacherous wind and snowstorms that can cause soil loss and leach the nutrients from the soil.

The black plastic will also prevent weed seeds from finding its way into the composted, beautiful growing soil.

Put a blanket of black plastic on your raised garden beds! In the spring, the soil will warm faster and weeding will not be necessary!

Just tuck your raised beds in and let them sleep,


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Posted 2018-10-25T16:39:49+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS