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Reach Reflective Barrier Garage Door Insulation Kit




Tape Measure




Reach Reflective Barrier Garage Door Insulation Kit

Exterior Grade Double Sided Tape


Georgia has been in a particularly cold winter this year with temperatures repeatedly dropping into the teens. This has made working on projects in the garage anywhere from uncomfortable to impossible. Paint just does not want to dry well in 20° temperatures, so I decided to take some steps to relieve the problem.

The Reach Reflective Barrier was recommend by one of my customers as a solution. Thanks again George!

Before starting, I read the garage temperature versus the outside temperature so I could track what kind of improvement takes place. As you can see the garage is only a degree or two warmer than the outside.



The first step is to clean the garage door. I first took a broom and swept the surface down to help loosen any embedded dirt and remove all the spider webs I have apparently been ignoring. Next, I used the shop vacuum in the frames and lastly wiped the door down with an old shop towel.



The manufacturer states that the barrier needs an air gap (3/4” min) between it and the door to be effective. I did not quite like the look of that so after some research I decided to affix the barrier material to the outer garage panel frame. To fit my door panels I had to trim the sheets down a bit.



The kit comes with double-sided tape squares, which I supplemented with additional exterior grade double-sided tape. Probably unnecessary but I leave my garage doors open a lot (I’m “THAT” neighbor) when working with the table saw or on the motorcycle. I wanted to make sure the panels stayed put no matter how long or how much dust is blown about. I cut the added double-sided tape into small squares as needed for the panels.



At this point, I wanted to see the temperature difference between the un-insulated door and the insulated door.

These readings were taken at around 11:30am with an outside temperature of 51°. My garage doors face South East. It was interesting to note how much heat the garage door absorbs as noon approaches.



That is all there is to the project. The panels went up super easy and seem to be doing the job just fine.



Because I had to cut my panels, I ended up with a lot a scrap pieces. I decided to finish off the look of the doors by lining the vertical framing as well using more of exterior double-sided tape.

<Afixing Strips>



 Below I’ll include some temperature readings from the following days at different times of day.



I will admit I was surprised at how much of a difference the Reflective Barrier made in temperature. I am hopeful that after these results I will see similar temperature improvements in the summer as well. You can find the Reach Reflective Barrier online at, I hope you found this helpful.





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